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Bill Cowher NFL coach is not me

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  1. Havgn acne is no day at the picnic i had to re-arrange the soybean drawer of my bathroom twice becauz i foond a toothbrush in my street gutter seriosluya having acne will makes a every poeple fill up they baiesement with mouthf washas aned toilett suggarrs tru dat in poop corn
  2. Creatine causes acne. Eat the sardines. 16 grams. Whey protein has 20 grams in it. You might not get built as fast eating sardines than u would doing creatine. But atleast u wont break out and its better than eating just eggs truf cuz
  3. Brunswick Sardines in mustard.......... 16 grams of protein now u aint gotta take the creatine stuff to get bigger........ and the acids and stuff that sardines got in them will clear your face up. Dont turn ur nose at sardines.... but them on bread... this shit is good. only 99 cetns
  4. so far the last time i jerked off was last Thursday......... my skin is lookin semi better......... im already over a week without blowing my load............ masturbation aint addictive...... im wanting to do it less and less each day........ try it people
  5. beatin your dick and eatin choclates and pizza people dont believe me but its true