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  1. hey does anyone know if u can buy the Alpha Hydrox Bran Lotion at the drugstore? i know there is a link online but does anyone know if it would be at a drugstore??
  2. thanks enigma, what is the name of the lotion u are using? is that the name of it on ur signature?
  3. yes i notice the same thing except i have never seen it bad.. whenever i am drinking i always notice that it looks really good though.. maybe i should drink all the time so my face looks good all the time! lol
  4. hello everyone, i have a lot of red marks and i read on here that exfoliation helps with that. um i have tried the toothbrush thing and it just irritated the hell out of my skin, and my question is does anyone know of any other methods to exfoliate?
  5. im using the mama lotion right now its probably day 17 or say and its helped my scars and hyperpigmentation so much my scars are not as deep and every day more of my marks fade i recommend it to anyone trying to get rid of their marks
  6. in my opinion i dont think it really matters im not trying to be mean or anything but like i think when guys have scars it kinda makes them look tough u know i have a good amount of scars and ill probably keep them cuz i dont think that it is that big of a deal for guys to have them
  7. ya dude i got a lot of those they are more severe than red marks though they take a lot of time to heal or so im told i use a peel and this neosporin cream and it seems to be fading them pretty well u could try it out
  8. i use 100% aloe vera gel and it gets rid of the redness for me its even suppposed to help with acne and scarring but that is over a very LONG period of time but it defintely helps with redness
  9. ya i tried it for about 2 months it made my skin amazingly soft i liked that about it but it didnt do much for red marks or anything it definitely makes it soft though
  10. i would it usually takes 12 to 18 weeks to see any progress with ur face on differin im on it right now and ive been on it for about 8 weeks too and it does leave a lot of red marks but im hopin in the next 4 to 6 weeks it will start to clear up so personally id stay on it but thats just my opinion
  11. nice dude thanx for the help though how long were u on minocycline? im on it now and ive been on it for like 1 and a half months and i think its worked pretty well i still just get the occasional breakout and i still have a shitload of scars and red marks and shit
  12. can anyone help with cystic acne? i dont know what that is or if i have it so any help given would be great.
  13. i have a few ice pick scars and just mostly black and red marks but not a lot of indentation i guess like what should i do with the lemon like do it directly or put on my finger and apply it that way>?
  14. i have pretty bad scarring on my face and i only get like 2 or 3 pimples now minocylcline has helped me a lot i think but i was wondering if any of u had any scar treatments that helped u? my skin feels so smooth but when i look at it it looks like a war zone u know? any help is greatly appreciated
  15. does anybody have any product tht actually works fro them? tetracycline? minocycline? accutane? i just want to get a feel for what everyone else thinks works and maybe i can try that