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  1. Thanks for the help, guys. If anyone else could put in their 2 cents, that'd be great too.
  2. 1) My face is kinda scarred, red, and red mark'd.....what can I use for such things? Creams and such. 2) When will my dry and peely lips go away? They're starting to now, but I still need to chap-stick them. My acne condition is gone, but I'm dealing with the excess shit on the face now. Accutane was a GODSEND, but I need some advice on those questions above.
  3. Along with my new face from Accutane, I want a new body. I went from 210lbs to 168lbs while on the Accutane course. I did tons of running/dieting/weight-lifting. That's about 40lbs of weight I lost in 6 months time. I don't know what I'd do without Accutane -- it really changed my life. It was an absolute God-send. However, I'm looking for that "ripped" look now. I'm aiming to get chiseled. I need to drop tons of body fat. So, is it okay to start my hydroxycut course as soon as I end m
  4. Longer the course = longer and better the chance the acne goes into remission forever. My friend went on a one year course, and it absolutely cleared him up 100%. The most amazing results I've ever seen. He stopped like seven months ago, and he's MAYBE got TWO zits since then. I've payed close attention. I'm done april 26th I believe, and right now, I'm doing great. I hope to God this does the trick.
  5. Ok, well, I'm back to report how the night went. It was GREAT. Lots of making out, and what not. I went and checked my lips half way through and the bastards got too wet and started to peel. Luckily, I put some ointment on it and decided what the fuck? She didn't care, and we went ahead and made out a lot more. Good times. I <3 Accutane. Shit gave me all my confidence back, even if it gave me shitty and peely lips.
  6. AQUAPHOR DUDE!!!!!! APPLY ALOT BEFORE YOU SLEEP. OVERNIGHT YOU WILL SEE RESULTS!!! Ok, I got that right here. Let's see what happens tomorrow morning then.
  7. So, after a year, I got myself a GF again. It's going great. We made out last weekend, and my lips were good. No probs. But now, they're being shitty again. I'm using this stuff called "Triamcinolone Ointment" that my derm gave me. It's usually ok, but doesn't keep my lips moist that long. Tomorrow, it's on again, and I need to know what to do? What should I use? Somebody hook me up here with some info, because I need it. What's the best product, and should I exfoliate? Help please!
  8. Accutane helped me out big time. It totally eliminated cysts from my face...never got one for about two solid months. I have one more month to go, and I'm about 85-90% clear. My face is like a tomato, though. That's my only complaint. As for active acne? It destoyed it. God, I hope it stays like this forever. I CANNOT deal with any more acne on my face. A zit or two? Sure. Nine or ten? No sir.
  9. My Derm said this is okay, but what's your opinion on it? I'm a pitcher in baseball w/ tendinitus, so pain is a frequent thing for me in my elbow. I'm hoping to take allieve to remedy this. Think this could cause any liver damage or what?
  10. I lost 30lbs+ since starting it. I've been trying, though. I went from 210 lbs to 170 lbs.
  11. What's the product used to relieve facial redness during Accutane? My face is ALL reddened up, and I need this shit either gone, or somehow increasingly lightened. Something along the lines of, extra super-soothing lotion? I forget the name, but it's always talked about around here.
  12. Okay, so I've been on Roche Accutane since November and it's been working very slowly. (80mg a day) I'm on it until April. So, anyway, I went to pay for another supply today and I learned my coverage doesn't cover it anymore. (It was 20$, now it's 238$).....so that's a NO-NO! Called the derm and she said I can get the generic brand. (7$)..... Well, the problem is this: Will the generic brand have the same effectiveness, or totally break me out? I'm confused and worried here. If someone c