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  1. Hi, I know this might sound crazy, but try Vaseline. It always works wonders as a moisturizer:)
  2. Caroline, I hope you're well. Do you still go out for late night drives?

  3. just curious traveller... was this DIY needling or did a professional do it? thanks
  4. i have melasma (hormonal hyperpigmentation) but i am extremely fair skinned.. even my melasma is barely noticeable.. i dont even have to wear make up over it... my concern si though.. if i get my scars meedling.. will i get dark melasma spots where i got needled? melasma is not typical hyperpigmentation.. it doest come from inflammation.. it comes from hormones.. any adive would be so apprieciated,, thanks
  5. Ceri.. the only thing i could figure is that maybe the cortisone injections had something to do with it... Ive heard many people say they had spots injected with cortisone that got considerably worse afterwards... is the deeper scarring close to the injection site? also what ethnicity are you and what is your skin tone? skin color can play a large role in hyperpigmentation from procedures.
  6. I was wondering if anyone uses Lillian (i think shes in alexandria va) for needling? years ago she was the go to girl for it.. if anyone still uses her an has her contact info i would greatly apprieciate it! thanks!
  7. My brother fell off a bar stool late last night an busted his forehead open.. he had a gash about an inch an 1/2 that required 3 stiches.. the gash looked very jagged.. my questions are this.. he is very concerned about scarring.. what can he do while its healing to help it heal the best? and what can he do after it is healed to help the scar left? any advice or personal experiences would be greatly apprieciated... thanks so much
  8. look up stanley kovak in elmhurst. he gives free consults, does many different procedures, and is very compassionate on top of all that. really nice guy.
  9. where did u get that i have a significant other? because of these issues i havent dated in years, an i dont associate but with a very limited amount of people.
  10. How can you relate? i have lots of acne, lots of scarring, my hair is falling out, im getting covered in stretchmarks an i walk around looking like a cancer patient (im very pale an look sick) my doctors are in debate over whats causing all this, soon i will find if its permenant or curable. so anyone who feels ugly an reclusive... i can relate. And you have a picture of a "pretty" face on your profile. Therefore, you're only enabling and encouraging a big part of what's wrong with this
  11. i have stretchmarks as well.. to those of yall who also have them.. what color are yours?
  12. you have no right to judge her life. you cant know the struggles shes had to go through, and you are in no position to berate her for how shes dealt with them. when people go through devastating shit, they deal with things thier own way, just because it may be different then your way doesnt mean its wrong.
  13. this movie really does hit home, i really feel i can relate to him as well.. it just shows how cruel an ignorant people can be, they perceived him as a monster.. when he was a good, intelligent person. *sad sigh*