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  1. I'm almost at the 12 month mark, and I'd say it went back to normal~ish around 6 months but didn't really improve until 2 months ago when I stopped using the sulfates/silicones. That improvement is above and beyond what it was before accutane though, so I don't know if it really counts in the 'returning to normal' category. I think if I had figured it out sooner I wouldn't have had nearly the hair loss I did while taking it! My hair is in a weird post-tane growing out phase now though, with t
  2. I've always shed a lot (I think my long hair may have made it seem like more), but when I was on accutane I was loosing handfulls of hair every time I took a shower. I finished my course last June and by the end of summer my hair loss had slowed. It was still falling out quite a bit though and the new growth seemed like it broke easily, especially around my face (where your spot is). A few months ago I got really fed up with all the baby hairs and breakage, did some research and decided to st
  3. I used vitamin E on scars (from the vitamin capsules, not the bottles - prick a hole in the end with a safety pin or needle and squeeze a little out when you need it), it works good. And as an added bonus, it helps makeup stick to the red area. Also for overall facial redness I found that mixing a little bit of the Everyday Minerals green coverup powder stuff in with my regular mineral foundation helped tone it down. Not too much though or you'll end up looking like an alien!
  4. I used Cetaphil antibacterial bar (not the gooey liquid stuff - I hate it too!) and Neutrogena oil-free combination skin moisturizer. That lotion is the only one I've found so far that doesn't leave my skin with a greasy shiny film on it. Unfortunately it doesn't have and spf, so I also use Bare Minerals foundation which has natural spf 15. I finished accutane 4 months ago and I'm still using those three things, nothing else, and my skin is still clear - woot!
  5. That's so strange! You'd think a derm would want to at least *appear* hopeful, otherwise it's hard to retain clients...? lol I totally agree - the ONE good thing all that oil did for me was to keep my skin from premature aging! While on accutane my skin was so thin and fragile I had to be extremely careful with it. I've noticed that my facial skin, especially around my eyes, has aged a bit over the last year. Not sure if the accutane helped speed the clock or if it's just natural progressi
  6. Have hope, accutane is an amazing drug no matter your age! I lived with acne for 15 years and finally decided to give accutane a try when I was 28. I finished my course a few weeks after my 29th birthday, and now 3 months later I'm still clear. I don't think your doc has any reason to be pessimistic just because you're a little older than the average patient. Only bummer is...now that I finally have nice skin, I'm almost 30 and starting to get wrinkles! lol Good luck!
  7. For sure, it's most definitely worth it! After 15 years of dealing with acne I'm now one and a half months post-tane and still clear. I no longer have to worry about people focusing on the huge zits on my face during meetings for work, and that has helped my performance and confidence soar. Accutane had serious side effects, yes - but it also had serious results. Congrats on your success!!! :)
  8. I've been off accutane for a month and a half and I've had one small pimple since. The oil is returning though, so I guess I'll see what happens. I'd say talk to your derm and hopefully it's just a passing phase. Good luck!
  9. It might be Community Acquired MRSA. It causes boils and bumps that resemble pustules anywhere on your skin and is highly contagious, very common and can sometimes lead to more serious health issues if it gets into your blood, lungs, etc. If this is a new, random break out and you still have ones with heads, go to your doctor and ask to have them tested!
  10. Valtrex treats the herpes simplex virus, both genital and oral (cold sores). It works really well for cold sores actually, I don't know why they don't market it that way! It gets rid of them in a few days instead of a few weeks. Only bummer is I always feel like I need to clarify "it's for cold sores" when I pick them it from the pharmacy...lol. My derm told me that really dry skin can exacerbate cold sores so it's not surprising that a lot of us get them while on accutane. You can also try
  11. I'm at the end of my course of accutane and still peeling. It's annoying, but 6 months of peely skin is nothing compared to 15 years of acne! Don't stay home - moisturize the crap out of it and get on with life.
  12. Yes, hat and sunscreen are key! I was outside for 3 hours with hat and sunscreen on and still got burned on my face though. Water will reflect even more sunlight so keep an eye on yourself. I would personally be more concerned about how jarring rafting can be. Accutane has made my joints and ligaments so fragile, I'd hurt myself for sure!
  13. Jeez! It's not like we didn't all get the prescription information packet that came with our meds. We have been warned of the potential side effects, and our acne is effecting our lives so much that we are willing to accept those risks. Driving a car is the top cause of accidental death in the US, at about 118 per day - WAY more dangerous than accutane - yet most of us view that as an acceptable risk and continue to motor on anyway, right? I would venture to say that far more kids will prob
  14. This is my low-tech, "duh we already know most of this" attack: - Ice (5 min on, 20 min off, repeat repeat repeat all day). I use a paper towel to keep the ice off my face. - Ibuprofen every 4 hours consistently - Keep my head elevated (sounds weird but I'd do the same for a sprained swollen ankle so why not for a swollen face!) - Take great care to not touch the area except when icing and washing - both of which are done with a VERY light touch - and I don't apply any topical acne treatments
  15. If people are tempted to prick, they should watch this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-CaCSPhXZwU I was rash in the past but that video keeps my hands (and other sharp tools) off my face.