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  1. Hi Violet, Thanks for your continued updates, I'm really enjoying them. Keep us updated as to how your scars are looking as time goes on, but I'm sure this will require multiple treatments for full results. BTW I also love sleeping. (and it does help your immunse system and physiological processes such as skin repair).
  2. I would think saline would give you more freedom to work with the "filler" so as to be able to overinject areas so as to sever the fibrous scar tissues beneath and allow collagen/blood clots to replenish the tissue loss without having to have a huge lump of mass on your face for half a year. It's also a seemingly simple and I presume inexpensive procedure.
  3. This is an interesting procedure. It's really a form of subcision with the use of saline (which is basically a 99% based water solution that is sterile). It's completely safe, since saline is completely safe, other than the risk of infection that is always present when having a mini-surgery performed on your skin. How do they price this? I might get this done on an indent before getting it refilled by bio-alcamid. Hmmm.
  4. Hi Rupert, My best answer to your question would be two things: 1) I don't believe all scars are injected at the same depth, it seems to me that shallow scars are injected at shallower regions, deeper scars subcutaneously. 2) The injection can be compared to filling up a hole in a field of dirt by pushing the hole to surface level from beneath the hole. Hope that makes sense to you.
  5. Your question really depends on what your willing to spend. It will be much cheaper to do subcision followed by a filler (if its bio-alcamid). However it's always better to have you're scars eliminated if possible, rather than held up by a filler. If you're willing to pay for exoderm (or dermabrasion for that matter), I'd do that first. Beforehand, again, if you're willing to spend the money, I'd get subcision to augment any potential results (especially on deeper indents). After having tho
  6. That makes complete sense for larger scars. It's no wonder I was so bruised and swollen after my first injection about a year ago, my Doctor performed a mini-subcision technique before injecting the filler into the larger scars. I don't think its necessary for moderately-sized scars as less scar tissue is present. I guess the general rule is: the larger/deeper the scar, the more scar tissue has developed beneath it. And there's always the case of having an area of skin that broke out quite o
  7. Hi, I've done smoothbeam, and my small scars have filled in substantially after 3 treatments. I still have three more to go. As far as exoderm, it's used to treat moderate scarring, so light scarring should not be a problem. (You should do you're own research first though, as to the risks involved ie. more scarring, downtime, etc.) If you opt for a permanent filer and exoderm, it is recommended you do exoderm first, and treat the remaining indents, pits with a filler of your choice.
  8. Hi P, I was wondering if you used colostrum internally or externally. Thanks.
  9. Oh if you have small scars laser treatment (smoothbeam) would be a good option. Or to perhaps even completely eliminate small scars perhaps look into exoderm (although it's pretty invasive).
  10. Not for enlarged/scarred pores. Maybe small pitted scars 2-3 mm in diameter.
  11. Thanks for the update Kooky! So you didn't get a touch-up this time around? Are you going to go ahead and get resurfacing first? Yeah I also believe in their experience/technique with injecting the filler. They've done shallow scars on me and my face looks so much fuller. Although I still have two areas with bumps from overinjection. I've not gotten granules or non-smooth areas due to the product, which I'm happy about. I'll be returning in October for a touch-up. I think the rupture of i
  12. Niko, Are you scarfree or do you have other scars to work on?
  13. I think the alcohol is the main ingredient, but the glycolic acid mixed with salcylic acid sounds nifty. I say alcohol because I've been struggling with a pimple near my chin for a week now, and finally yesterday I poked it with a disinfected needle, put pressure around it gently so puss came out without blood, and then got a cotton swab soaked in alcohol and cleaned the area up. My pimple is now "dead", dry and shrinking. I've been using this method and it works each time, just make sure you
  14. Emmanuel, I have three more treatments of smoothbeam left, and I intend to go higher on each setting. Right now I'm at 13. I'm not sure what you mean by maintenance?
  15. Actually, it has nothing to do with doing it "properly" or not, it has to do with the technique used in injecting the filler, and yes, the depth of the filler and the amount also factors in. Bio-alcamid is injected deep into the dermis. Some doctors perform a mini-subscision while injecting the filler in order to allow the filler to settle in properly, and to break apart the scar tissue that is bounding down the scar. Problems of migration are also rare with the new permanent fillers, and wit
  16. I'm still hanging around this board because it's an informative place for skin care, I like to offer my advice/information (share in my success in a way), and I still have room for improvement. There are certain scars that bio-alcamid will not help, such as boxscars that are more on the moderate side, and scarred pores, which I will both treat with TCA CROSS. I'm going for a touch-up because getting a filler is a gradual process, not something you just do for two sessions and be over with.
  17. I definitely would recommend smoothbeam for scarred pores, texture, and acne. It's helped on those three things, not on moderate scarring or indentations. I haven't had a cyst since my third smoothbeam treatment 5 months ago. (I'm still using retin-a at night and copper-peptides in the day though, to control oil production)
  18. Those are not icepicks, they are scarred pores. Ice-picks are much too deep/large to be covered up by a pore-minimizing agent.
  19. Ever since I got my three session of smoothbeam I rarely get clogged pores. I do get little capillary dots going here and there though. They come and they go.
  20. If they disappear that easily laser would be a good option for you (non-ablative).
  21. I noticed some loss (very tiny and almost undetectable) up to 3 months later. But not since then, and its almost been a year now. This is talked about in the bio-alcamid thread if you want further info on the product.
  22. Btw it's been almost a year now since my temples were injected (without any touchups) and my results are still great (80 percent improvement).
  23. I had a loss of volume the first 6 weeks, which is normal due to swelling. I dont think anyone else on this board who has had the injection has lost though, it's really the swelling the first 1 to 2 months.
  24. I wish you the best of luck! I'm sure you're going to get a lot more improvement than you have thus far. Keep us posted.
  25. Thanks for the summary. Well it seems like the study itself isn't very definitive. The type of silicone and the technique of injection could not be determined with certainty, and the study was in 1996 on patients who were probably injected 10 or more years earlier since it was a retrospective study. The fact that its a retrospective study is also problematic, were the patients randomly chosen? Also the study could not conclude definitively the incidence of complications, nor do they assert th