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  1. Your scars look like they would benefit from TCA Cross at 50%. What's left is scarred pores, and I've had pretty good success with those using 50% TCA acid. Athough your skin looks great and I wouldn't worry about it.
  2. Hi Everyone, its great to see that people have had great results. I've tried the removal with saline but to no success. My problem is probably putting in enough saline to break the Bio-Alcamid apart from the encapsulated scar tissue. It's also been about two years now since my injection. My results have been mixed. I am almost positive that Bio-Alcamid dissipates over time. The best success came in my temples, but after two years the scars reappeared. They've diminished once again as I've
  3. I bought 100% tca from mytcapeel.com but dont frost when I cross, is this normal for some people? I'm thinking of returning it.
  4. I've looked on ebay and didn't find anything. What website offers TCA complex? If anybody has used TCA complex would they recommend it for texture uniformity and redness? I've read past reports on TCA complex on this board and it seemed like a good product. Thank you.
  5. Vitamins that have worked well for me have been esther-C and MSM.
  6. Fireball, Thats great! What percent are you using? I did a third session of 50% yesterday and will see how it goes. My skin looks so great right after I do it due to swelling, if only it would stay.
  7. Hey everyone, I got my 50% TCA from ebay seller bettercomplexions, not sure if its my skin or the acid but it takes an effort for it to frost (apply twice or really soak it). Anybody else have a similar experience with 50% tca?
  8. Denise Thanks for the tip. I was afraid of reapplying but since its 50% I dont see why not. I'll try that next time and see if it frosts, and I'll also dip the toothpick for 2 minutes instead of 20 seconds and see if that makes a difference. I considered twisting but wondered if that would cause spreading over the scar, since my scars are porelike in size (larger than pores obviously). Great tips!
  9. I think you guys are right, 100% is the way to go. I've been using 50% for scarred pores mostly, and it hardly frosts at all, if at all. I'm just scared of permanent damage with 100% perhaps I'll do 80%. Good luck everyone (steady hands!)
  10. Femina, Great results. I've done two 50% crosses and have not had those kind of results on much smaller scars. I was wondering how long you wait between crosses, and also, how often you use the Hyluronic acid?