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  1. have anyone tried noxema triple clean if so does it work
  2. have any body tried noxema triple clean with the regima if did how well does it work
  3. it can help knock off dead skin cellson your face i looked up homemade exfoliating facial masks on yahoo and i found this out apply a thin layer of kmw on your face leave on for 1o minutes then message gently.the dead cells will rub off in rubbery little balls then rinse your skin with tepid water then cleanse your face as usual followering your usual beauty regime if u do this every day for 6 weeks your face will be renewed
  4. when u put bp on your face do it make the pimple or what eva it is bigger an make u break out a little more
  5. i need help wit tiny bumps on my face please will somebody help me
  6. i dont have any whiteheads i just have a lott of little bumps on my face i need help gettin ridd of them
  7. drug store.com is selling it know an it haves 5 star views
  8. yesterday i was late for school an i couldnt wash my face an it looked all dry an my grandma was like just put some baby oil lotion on your face an i did an it broke out my face i had little bumps on my face an 2 big ones the lotion only broke out the big ones so when i got home i had like scabs on the bumps an i was like man im about to get some more scares so i washed my face an put the neosporin on it all over 2 times yesterd day now the bumps is gone an they didnt leave a scar an my old scar
  9. do any body think it will work do u think i should use the clear pore to wash my face then put the 2.5 on or just use the clear pore thanks
  10. have hany body tried any kind of products fo dark spots an had luck with it holla at me
  11. theres proacne u can find info at www.cvs.com/ and theres klear action and u can find info about that at www.walgreens.com there both cheaper then proactive an they all have the same ingredients proacne/24.99 klear action/19.99 proactiv/39.95 o do any body know any good products for dark spots