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  1. i guess ill just try to get one thats both mositure and sunscreen but my derm said it shoudl be spf 30
  2. well i went to my derm and they said to use moisturizer and sunscreen. sadi to use spf 30, well i got some moisturizer and SPF 30 but when i put the moisturizer and wait like 15 min to put the sunscreen my face burns. everything i do it. is this normal or what? thanks a lot. I am also using tazorac gel and dox. too
  3. well i been using the tazorac gel and the dox for 2 weeks nows. my face broke out and its the worst its even been. Well today it was strange becuz someone the side of my face has become really oily. Part of the side of my skin was really rough and it was seeping a lot of oil out. I washed it with water and dried it. Then 10 minutes later the same thing repeated and i washed it off. Again after 10 minutes my skin got rough in the same spot and was really oily. Then finally it stopped. Now i
  4. im using the same set up and i just strarted 2 weeks ago, on the start of the 2nd week i started breaking out so i think u should expect it, in fact i think this is the worst its ever been for me, hopefully it will go away soon
  5. also my derm said to use sunscreen. when should i apply it?? rigfht after i moisture? or wait a couple minutes? am i suppose to apply on top of the mositure or wash it off. thanks
  6. should i only use the gel and not use the benzo peroxide anymore? not sure what to do thanks a lot
  7. since my acne has gotten really bad i decided to go talk to a derm, they perscribed me doxycycline(sp?) and tazorac gel. anyone ever try these medication?
  8. thanks for the replies, haha i was just really worried cuz it was peeling bad but it actually looks like its clearing up a bit so ill ease up on how much BP i use. thanks
  9. i just started using Benzoyl Peroxide, the neurtogena on the spot brand, and my face drys up badly, at first it was just a bit itchy but when i woke up the next day and my face is really dry, my skin was peeling. i quit using to get rid of the drying but its been like 3 days and my face is still peeling around the mouth area. is it possible that im allegric or is it common to get this dry for like 3 days thanks