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  1. Yep - thats exactly what i did... I almost felt like i was dying because i needed more carbs hah.. But yep - i didn't go to any restaurants and I mostly just ate Salmon for every meal.
  2. Healthoid - on a side note - i went on a gluten free / dairy free diet for months and had little to no results. This, on the other hand, is showing immediate results. Yes, i started the CleanseSmart immediately after I finished the FirstCleanse program. I don't think it matters which kind of cleansing program you use - just find something which is effective for you. It doesn't have to be expensive at all. Don't start doing it until you feel that its something you really want to try... You sh
  3. Sweet! I think it really shows that you can be eating the healthiest diet in the world to fight acne, but at the end of the day if your body cannot eliminate waste effectively, you are still releasing some toxins into your system in other ways. It can't stay in your intestines for too long or it will make you sick - so in a last ditch approach it comes out on your face, which we all love.
  4. WOW - so after using Dan's regimen for countless months, and practically poisoning myself on Accutane I have finally discovered MY internal cause for acne - improper digestion. My ethestician recommended for me to take digestive papaya enzymes during every meal and to start a colon cleanse program. I first used "RenewLife FirstCleanse" then moved on to "RenewLife CleanseSmart" My skin has been clearing so rapidly! Those tiny bumps under my skin which i thought were just a part of my natural
  5. Hey, I was on Accutane for only three months, and have now been off for 3 months. Right now i'm left with slightly red skin all the time, my nose and under my eyes always looks slightly flushed, and have a tendency to full-face flush quite often.. Is it a possibility that the effects of sensitive skin from accutane are still wearing off, or should I go see my derm about treating rosacea? This Sucks!
  6. Hmmm I hope this goes away....... i've been off accutane for 3 months.
  7. I was on accutane for a little longer than 3 months and had great success. My skin has stayed great since being on tane. However... my biggest complaint is that my hands and feet seem to turn red a lot of the time, its almost as though they are blushing - they get really warm and I can feel the blood rushing into them at times. This is so strange because I never had this happen before tane. Anyone else with this same experience?
  8. Great to hear everything is going well Abby! I went off tane too and I feel fucking great! talk to you soon.
  9. Hey Guys, Sorry I haven't updated for a while. Mexico was amazing!! 2 weeks was the perfect amount of time. I stopped tane before I left, and i'm not going back on because I think it was making me go crazy. I didn't realize it until now that i'm off it - but I feel 2000% better. I'm going to go on Duac if I start breaking out again.
  10. I have to do a 3 week break, and my dermatoligist said it won't make any difference. It will still count toward the cumulative dose. Good luck!
  11. I just took a break from 3 months of accutane to go on a 2 week vacation, and therefore have started tanning to prepare my skin for a tropical climate. I've gone every day, starting at 8 minutes, 10 minutes, then 12 minutes and I haven't gotten burnt at all. That being said, I have an olive complexion normally, and used SPF 30 on my face just in case. This is just 3 days after taking my last pill. I would really think that you'd be okay after 2 months. Just take it really slowly, go for 5 min
  12. Day 84 Alright... so i'm completely clear right now.. But I have to take 3 WEEKS OFF because i'm going to Mexico for 2 weeks. I'm really hoping that I don't start breaking out again, but I think with the sun and virtually no stress I will be A-OKAY. Peace out, and Merry Chrismakwansikah
  13. Day 78 Shit. I can feel 2 small pimples starting to emerge on my face. This is the first I will have broken out in almost 3 weeks. There probably isn't a correlation, but I didn't take my accutane yesterday because I forgot. I'm really hoping that I can stay pretty clear for the next few weeks, because i have to go off of it while I am in Mexico for the first two weeks in January. Hey Abby, Missed ya too! My blood tests came back amazing actually.. better than before I started tane. Therefo
  14. Ahh this is going to be a pain in the ass. thanks for the tips
  15. I think you will be fine. Maybe wear some sunscreen the first time you go just to see how sensitive your skin is? Your skin shouldn't be too sensitive after 2 months.