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  1. I have pretty oily skin, and my derm put me on Differin and BenzaClin- it was not a pleasant experience at some points. You have to be really good about the moisturizer, because it will dry your skin- and don't sit in the sun for too long unless you enjoy the lobster look lol. good luck!
  2. actually, there are no government standards for putting "non-comedogenic" on a prodcut label according to a book I read. so, they could test it on 300 patients- or 3.
  3. well, i went to the derm today, and i was surprised when she told me that she only trusts one moisturizer not to clog pores, and it was available only at derms' offices. she put me on two meds to clear out my pores- differin 0.1% cream and ovace gel, which i've never heard of. how much are they, and what have your experiences with them been? thanks!
  4. Have you been experimenting with differin at the same time as lemon juice? And you've been wearing sunscreen daily, right?
  5. just a vent to the makers of differin: have you got your brain plugged in the wrong way??!!!! i have NEVER, not ONCE, been clear in faithful, to-the-package-insert directions use of your "differin gel", which i believe to be drying jell-o in a prettier packaging. i've been using this since NOVEMBER. i still see huge zits on my face. if you're not going to clear me up, i want a refund!!!! *smile* that feels a little better.
  6. it's too heavy- in fact, it increased the shine on my face for awhile. i would try oil of olay's 7x regenerist moisturizer (it has spf 15, and absorbs oil well), or ANY other brand- run from this stuff, it may just cause more pimples.
  7. I'm on my 7-9 week of Differin (not sure which, I started 2 weeks b4 Halloween), and I see improvement in my acne, but I'm by no means clear. I'm not going back to the derm who prescribed the Differin- I don't trust him, he told me it didn't matter whether I wash my face before applicaition. Should I bother to see another derm, or just keep up with the differin and see what happens? For those of you who were/are on Differin, how long did it take for you to see clear skin?
  8. yes, it's highly possible that a moisturizer or even makeup that claims it's noncomedogenic will make you break out. According the healthierliving.org, there is no criteria for the term noncomdeogenic. That said, companies can test thousands of people, or three. You need to find what works for you, but I'll assume that a claim of noncomedogenic is better than nothing...
  9. sure, you can use facial cleansers, but be sure they're gentle. Dove is wonderful, but make sure whatever you're using has no medication in it, and it's for sensitive skin.
  10. Try decreasing application to every other day, or every third day. Moisturize like you're crazy once your skin is back to normal, and then gradually increase the dosage, continuing to moisturize. Be careful of scrubs, they may irritate your skin more.
  11. I'm on Duac as well. From what I understand, it's BenzaClin made by another company. I'm using it along with Differin gel, though. You?
  12. I think what she was TRYING to say is that there are people in this world who have much worse problems than acne, and you shouldn't let acne keep you down.
  13. My derm just presrcibed Differin and Duac, but he said i can use Benza-Clin instead of the Duac if I like it better. Should I start out every other day, or just dive right into the once-a-day application of both? I also bought a Clearasil Moisturizing Mattifier, it has noe acen meds, but it might help control shine, and Totally Juicy Grapefruit Pell-Off Masque. Too many meds? Not sure. Can anyone who's been on Differin tell me if the effect is cumulative, and I should only apply every other