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  1. I've been fighting acne for a while but now I feel I've mostly got it cleared up except for some red spots and random pimples + irritation. I have a feeling that how I shave is affecting my face so I decided to switch from electric razor to the sensitive one dan recommended. I was just wondering what shaving gel or cream or whatever is least irritating. Someone said try to shave using the purpose cleanser but it didnt work too well for me. Anyone know a good gel or cream to try?
  2. put apple cider vinegar on your back
  3. If youve been following the regimen closely then you should know that your skin wont get better in just 4 weeks, and youre probably using too much bp than your skin can handle if you say "TONNNSSSS OF BP!!"
  4. for some reason people dont understand that if you want results you need to READ and FOLLOW the GOD DAMN REGIMEN!!!
  5. Kickboxing is actually its own sport, Muay thai is a thai art that emphasizes knees and elbow strikes, I do a combo of both. Not mma yet. As for when I wokr out, I wash my face about 6am, go to school until 2, start workout at 3, then kickboxing until 5 or so, drive home, eat , wash at 6 again, then sleep. thats my day haha
  6. haha that site recommends a combo of 10% bp with 2% SA for acne.
  7. Use cetaphil moisturizer and after you apply it, just dab ur face with a towel or something to get rid of the excess.
  8. THanks a lot for your response Foomph, I'm pretty sure you're on the right track with your approach. I wanted to know if anyone knows a good portable face wipe or something because I go to kickboxing thats about 30 mins away from home, and I stay there for a while, I lift weight and then attend the class, two if I feel like it, and thats a lot of time for sweat to get caked into pores.
  9. Yeah just to let you know some people have naturally dry skin and if you wash off the moisturizer then the skin just tightens and cracks when you talk and looks flakey. just fyi Still waiting for a response that actually answers my question...
  10. Well I just had a question, like say I used CSR at 3:00 and then at 5:00 I want to go to the gym, but Im gonna get really sweaty. Should I just not wash my face after the gym, or should i use the cleanser and moisturizer without the bp, or apply the bp again? Thanks in advance, only answer if you know for sure.
  11. In dan's instructional videos, he says to use a final rinse of cold on the neutrogena videos, but he never says it for the Dan's BP videos. Does this mean you only rinse with cold when on neutrogena?
  12. Sorry if this has been asked before, but when if at all do you rinse with cold water? Can I get an answer from a MOD or experienced regimen user please. I have just been rinsing with warm before and after cleansing, I thought cold closes your pores, but then you apply BP about 10 mins after you rinse so wouldnt you want them to be open so it absorbs more? Thanks a bunch.
  13. try jessfoliation it seems to be working for everyone.
  14. I was recently clearing up, then I smoked hookah for the first time. Some of the activities with hookah included blowing it into eachothers faces and basically, a lot of it got on my face at times. Does anyone think this could be relevant to 5 new breakouts on my face?