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  1. i have redness that i think could be roscea but the problem is i have oily oily skin and not dry but heres a picture its slightly less red because of makeup but you can definately see the reddness on my skin on my cheeks facial reddness any tips on what i could do? i have really oily skin that feels tight after i wash but shiny looking and then later (quickly) develops into the i-cant-stand-to touch face.
  2. so how long does the duac gel last for??
  3. so my duac says to be refridgerated but last night i forgot and left it in the bathroom. does this affect the quality and effect of the duac?
  4. what can i do to get rid of them they are on my cheeks by my nose i hate it and its really shiny right there it sucks what can i do to help it? right now i am using purpose bar is there anything i can do to make the pores smaller like makeup or anything?
  5. i have an extremely oily face that is red 24/7 i have acne, but mostly i want to cover up the redness and red spots but i'm also going to be lifeguarding at sea world so i need some waterproof foundation give me some recommendations. nothing tooo expensive. right now i'm looking at revlons colorstay.
  6. I used to use that stuff a while back. it works amazingly and i had big painful cyst. But then by the time i went out and brought another tube, it just messed up my face like woah.
  7. does anyone else have redness where they have blackheads? because most of my redness is on my cheeks and nose where my pores are large and filled with blackheads. so i was wondering if they are related or not?
  8. So I have acne of course, but right now im on an antibiotic, doxycycline and ortho evra birth control patch. But i have a huge jar of Daily Multi Vitamin and Mineral Pills. and i think its supposed to be similar to centrum or something. But should i take it or will it affect the antibiotic? Would the vitamin pills do anything for my skin?
  9. I have a red face...and not just on my acne but on my nose and cheeks like that sorry if its so big..so how do i get rid of it?
  10. eeek....i hope its not rosacea...but they said that there is an absence of blackheads if you have rosacea and i have tons of blackheads...most of the redness is where the blackheads are
  11. okay...so i was wondering i have acne and i have red marks from previous pimples but on my nose and the area under the eyes are red even though there are no pimples and i dont have red marks there...its just...red. Why is that? i mean i have blackheads where its red but i never really had bad acne there..only one or 2 every once in awhile...but its RED for no reason...what is the cause of that and what can i do to be rid of it...cause you know how some people's faces are only red where the pimpl
  12. im on retin-a .05% i used to be .025% and i dunno if its getting better since im 14 and ive had acne since 6th grade and im in 9th. its like moderate but lately its been spreading.... my friend is on accutane but she doesnt even have acne and she says she gets these bumps that she doesnt like so the doctor put her on a low dose like 40mg instead of 80mg. i want to do that but im kinda depressed and i do sports(swimming and i heard that its not very good to exercise on accutane and i have to lif
  13. i have benzaclin and retina but in the morning i have swimming so im not sure if i used benzaclin in the morning before swimming or after but the thing is ..benzaclin needs to be kept refriderated....i cant carry around a fridge all day everyday. my dad suggested retina in the morning and benzaclin at night what should i do? ](*,)