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  1. You really should. It is working wonders for me. Don't know why really but I just came across this site and went out and got all the products and now I am fully satisfied. I might be on my way to having the clearest face I have ever had
  2. Day 3 I think the regimine is really working already! I still have some problems below the left part of my mouth. In all though, the rest of my skin is really clearing up. I have never used moisturizer before because I thought it would ruin the working of the bp. But now I know that it actually helps a lot. I am so glad I came across this site. Thanks for all your support!
  3. Day (actually night) 1 I am starting this tonight and I have a breakout below and to the left of my mouth. I am starting this because I go to college and there is this girl I am digging right now and I feel I can not face her right now because of these breakouts. It seems they are becoming more frequent. I also have a little pimple on the bottom right of my mouth. I hope this works!