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  1. Firstly I would like to say that its not masturbation itself that causes acne but the hormone increase from deprivation of a masturbation need or a loss of zinc from masturbating and losing too much zinc daily. Scientists and doctors sometimes do not know everything. They do not have acne and do not always test for the right things. Many scientists will also tell you that food does not cause acne, but in fact for some people, certain foods, especially caffeinated and high sugar foods factors int
  2. Did you read the post InHopesOfStarting? If you have a wet dream you may cause yourself to breakout if zinc deficiency has any affect on hormones as it very well may, since there is so much not known about what zinc does. Since many problems come from zinc loss, it is very possible.
  3. I THINK I have made a very big but also very obvious discovery on the corellation between acne and masturbation. Please read and respond.. currently i'm looking for scientific evidence to prove this and make it all more common knowledge. I'm just your average kid, so don't immediately think this will be a post that is hard to read or understand. First off I would just like to define some terms i am about to use. Masturbation: The manual excitation of the sexual organs, most often to the point
  4. Dry Skin = Irritation + Chain Reaction(Causing your skin to produce more oil them normal) = More Acne Simple enough, your sons skin is probably not showing all the oil its producing but if its becoming overly dry its causing more oil to be produced and clogging his pores ALOT. Use an oil-free light moisturizer and in a few weeks things should be back to normal or better atleast. GL
  5. Washing your face more than once every 12 hours is a bad idea. Anyone who says they wash their face 3 or more times a day and like obsesses over it, u can almost guarantee has more acne than you. It will cause huge irritation to your face to be constantly washing ur face and irritation is a big part of why some ppl get acne. I used to wash my face like 4-5 times a day when i was like 13. Im 16 1/2 now and I do it about once every 10-14 hours and it works out much nicer. You guys have to realize
  6. I was told in middle school health class that they ARE signs of calcium deficiency. There does not seem to be any real harm done by them as far as im concerned and I used to get them sometimes but now I rarely ever have any. I take multivitamins so I would have no idea if its anything else thats keeping them away but yeah. My health teacher said it was calcium deficiency and we should drink more milk. But now that I hear u guys talking about it being a myth im not so sure.
  7. Hi I know I havent posted in a while but I just wanted some quick information from all of the acne geniuses on this board who are like the most helpful people i have ever talked to in my life. Anyways, right onto my requests... What is your guys opinion on the following and their affects on acne.... Please be very specific and detailed if possible. Masturbating.. (2-3 times a day, daily, 2 to 3 times a week, weekly, seldom.., never) Aspartame..(Bad as sugar, worse, no effect, etc) Tanning.
  8. Yep I use that. I use that with a few other things, but im tired of typing so I wont name them all unless u need me to. I used to at night 5-10mins after washing with Phisoderm Wash(salicylic acid 2.5% + very gentle) and then put on a good skin even toner/moistuzer(one in the same). Then in morning I use the same phisoderm face wash, then this BP cleanser/mask(3.5%) and then moisturize 5minutes after. Works pretty well for me, but of course I have not really tried many different things. Just try
  9. Gem, I am very experienced with this sun tanning booth/bed type of thing. I ussually go in an advanced tanning booth which is what most places use now along with beds. If you can find one that would be your best option. In any matter. I suggest you go every other day(DO NOT MISS A DAY) and depending on how tan u r right now you should pace yourself. You can figure it out how to pace yourself like this, I would assume. ADVANCED TANNER(FOR A NORMAL TANNING BED OR BOOTH JUST MULTIPLY BY 3 I WOULD A
  10. wipe with ur shirt real quick down top and sides. it shouldnt create much clogging of pores. doesn't seem to affect me, just makes me look better so if someone see me close up they dont think im ugly cuz im oily
  11. This kid called me ugly today as I was walking out of school. Hes hated me ever since I was in his class last year. He is a black kid in 11th grade. I'm 10th grade(white of course). And I haven't talked to him in like a year. And I start walking out and hes like "Ben, you're ugly" so I turn around and push him into the locker and stare him down and call him faggit and saying hes a pussy and punch him in his face knocking his glasses off(thinks it makes him look cooler) and then spit on shirt....