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  1. Likewise tewky it seems very likely that most people get these effects from accutane, they dont know how it works so they wont know why it causes the redness though. Thanks for the suggestions deadbeat, I will look into getting some grapeseed as a supplement and see how it goes, at the moment I have got good results from following a rosacea diet which limits carbs to 20g/day and 0 sugar. I don't know why, but its something to do with yeasts/bacteria in the gut causing inflammation.
  2. Hi everyone I am compelled to post this as I've had some great results in the last 7 days. Basically this has cleared up my redness tremendously (about 50% so far) and im hoping it will continue to improve, I am really quite amazed. I started a low carb/sugar diet after reading some e-book on a 'rosacea diet'. You don't really need to download it as it is very simple to explain and I'll tell you what I did and am doing. Just to be clear I have facial erythema since taking the drug Accutane ov
  3. A few options to explore Any new products your using on your face that might cause irritation Allergic reaction to a food (tried or eaton lots of something lately ?) Could be an infection.. maybe get it checked out by your GP ?
  4. Nah no real improvement unfortunately, I've been off it for like 2 years now, fkn meh, some days it looks better then others, cant really find any solution but I keep trying different things. I've pretty much given up on all topicals the past few months and am concentrating on a diet/supplementing.. damn I would love for a cream to get rid of it but I very much doubt it lol. I was just interested in the brushing teeth thing really because thats when I really notice my face is a beetroot heh, lu
  5. For instance, brushing my teeth, bending over to pick something off the floor.. my cheeks turn bright red..Does this happen to everyone? I don't think it does.. What causes me to get this and other people not? I'm supposing that its to do with blood rushing to the face, but is it an excess in blood, or thinner skin? Any thoughts?
  6. workinprogress your skin looks smooth, certainly no worse then mine. judging from the pics its actually very similar, with the hue of pinkness after accutane, wow. The 'scars' are hyper pigmintation from old spots. I suggest putting bio oil on them, I use it as my night time moisturizer and it seems to work quite well, give it time they will fade, they arn't really noticable, almost everyone has a few small bumps on their face and you shoulden't be worried. If you shave over them with a razor t
  7. Your skin turns red while on Accutane, did your derm explain anything about that ? I know because I've been on Accutane also. The redness subsides in a few weeks/months after stopping Accutane in most people ! I suggest you just treat your skin carefully as when on Accutane your skin thins and is very sensitive. Don't use harsh cleansers, even just water will do and always use sunscreen when going outside ! Good luck
  8. Thanks guys accutane cleaned the acne up great workinprogress I took it indoors in the day with the windows open, in i guess what you would call indancendent (dim) light with the flash on. I didn't edit it or increase brightness etc as the natural contrast was a pretty true reflection. I would say use the flash, just make sure its not too contrasty, as in the skin isnt too bright and unnatrually illuminated. I dont think it looks right if you dont use a flash as it tends to make your skin look
  9. this is my skin normally, with a pinkish hue. its not disfiguring or serious. just annoying ! http://img132.imageshack.us/img132/1426/dscf3240cj8.jpg
  10. Hi Keelers, I ran out of the stuff after 3 weeks, the tube was only 15mL and I didn't notice any improvement :/ given it cost $29au I would not recommend it at all. It may be better for a smaller area as it will last longer and will give more time to notice improvement. personally, I didn't find any. I am now using bio-oil this past week and am finding that it is a good moisturizer that doesnt turn my skin red, however how it works on improving redness is too early to tell. I am still searchi
  11. Yep after I wash my face (even with just water) it goes redder. I have the cetaphil moisturizing lotion and after I apply it, my skin turns redder and then it goes away after about 20 minutes. It's the same with anythign i put on my skin. I'll take a pic after I wash my face to give an idea, I posted on a rosacea forum and the feedback I got told me that they didn't think I had rosacea, maybe pre-rosacea and sensitive skin.
  12. Hi work in progress, your story is uncannily similar to mine. I was on Accutane to treat cystic acne. I still have a generally red hue to my face (cheeks, nose forhead) and thats 2 years on from finishing tane. I have only maybe a couple of small red marks but my face generally consists of a persistent redness that was worse when I was on accutane, but toned down to what it is now and still hasn't returned to normal skin tone. Im under the impression that Accutane has weakened our skin, or ch
  13. I can see the red blood vessels, it is in a very small area though. How long have you been off accutane ?
  14. http://www.medicalnewstoday.com/articles/78839.php ^ The Article. Protiens hey, how interesting. I wonder how this ties in with people like me who have rosacea redness years after Accutane treatment.
  15. What products are you using on your face? you might be using too harsh chemicals or scrubbing your nose.. you may of also just caught a bit of the sun and got burnt and the skin is healing how long has it been red? for now I suggest - put sunscreen on your nose if your going outside - wash with just water and no soap for a week to see if theirs any improvement - leave the products in the cupboard until you rule out something irritating it and if you really feel like you cant just sit down