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  1. hi, maybe i could help ... i think that the gentle skin cleanser is a cleanser that is recommended not only for this specific regimen but also by dermatologists everywhere to use with any topical medication (bp or watever ur using ...) because it's VERY mild and does not dry out your skin at all while thoroughly cleansing it ... so it is natural that it would be recommended for this regimen the daily facial cleanser i believe is not as mild as the gentle skin cleanser, but in my opinion is s
  2. irritates my skin ... when I use it on my chin, I get a few little bumps here and there ... but everywhere else on my face where I don't shave is fine and clear ... The reason I've been using an electric shaver is because it doesn't nick your skin if you have anything on your skin... but apparently it's not very good for me because it's irritating and producing little bumps!! So I want to try using a razor with shaving cream to shave but I'm afraid that if I like nick my skin it would cause s
  3. haha, it's okay that you laughed. Now that I think about it, it was stupid for me to stress over it so much. Basically after I got hit, I couldn't believe it had happened, so I had to just sit down for a good 20 minutes. I had the most blank stare from what I heard. I did the whole regimen routine last night, and this morning, and bum bum bum .... I don't think it affected my face at all! No bruise, no nothing. Only remnant is that the ball popped a stupid whitehead on the upper right portion
  4. I was making such great progress towards clear/flawless skin, until this sh_it happened. Seriously I felt like I was 99% clear, and I only needed 1 more week. Then I got fu_king hit in the face by a da_mn basketball ... HARD while I was playing T_____________________T Do you guys think I should be stressing over this or will it not affect my face at all? I mean the basketball is dirty and stuff so will i breakout where i got hit (omfg im so sad right now. it's really sad how sad i am)
  5. i wouldnt shave every day if you dont get much facial hair. i mean if you get a lot and it makes you look dirty, then obviously shaving and moisturizing/cleansing afterwards is good but if u dont get much and u look okay, then dont further aggravate ur skin by shaving some ppl say shaving is good for ur pores cause it cleanses ur skin of all its dead skin cells but i personally find it to be irritating i shave as often as possible (maybe every 3 days) but its not a part of the regimen
  6. thats good that ur not picking! i used to pop or pick a few stupid pimples (like 6 months ago maybe) but now i realize that i shouldnt because if u pick, it sometimes leads to scarring ... i think what keeps me now from picking is that i know that if i pick at it, it won't make my skin look any better ... right now or even in the future!! it would make my skin look very red and bring even more attention to the pimple .... i was also happy to see that u chose ur BF over the regimen (well just
  7. oh, ic i thought u were taking a mean stab at dan's skin and saying like "his skin wasnt too bad" as if he still had bad skin or somethin ... i got confused but yea, im pretty sure u can use the regimen ... as long as u moisturize completely and avoid the area around ur eyes gl !~
  8. huh? but regarding ur question ... dont apply around anywhere near ur eyes just to be safe. That means not on ur eyelids or around ur eyes cause that will definitely hurt like a mother if u do so ... it will make ur eyes red and puffy and ow in between ur eyes and ears is okay, scabs are okay, and im pretty sure u can use the regimen usually if u do the regimen and consistently wash ur face everyday and use bp, then u will see a significant improvement in ur skin in no time but ur first
  9. damn ur lucky that its working so fast for u...maybe its like ur previously undetected superpower or something yay for u and ur success
  10. dont be discouraged!!! i know that at times u wanna give up cause ur skin is looking kind of crappy ( trust me, ive gotten this feeling 100000000000000000000 times =[) but the best thing u can do is just stick to the regimen and persevere u sound like ur making progress cause usually when u start the regimen, all the acne and clogged pores that were present, all start to surface, as ur skin tries to rid itself of all that nasty bacteria but after the initial "breakout" ( and its not really cau
  11. no, ur not crazy for using it but the only thing id worry about ... is if the moisturizer clogs ur pores the good thing about purpose lotion, neutrogena, or other lotions for acne is that they do not clog ur pores
  12. if i were u, i wouldnt wash my face 4 times a day. washing ur face usually further irritates ur skin and can worsen ur acne i think twice a day is the ideal number of times to wash ur face however, if u find urself absolutely needing to wash ur face cause theres like food that splashed all over ur face while cooking or sumthin, just wash ur face with warm water (no soap for sure) good luck!
  13. yea i get a stupid little red rash sometimes too the weird thing is that it doesnt look like a breakout cause theres no like pimples or anything forming ... its just like a red little blotch on my face =[ it could be acne, but i think the reason why i get the little rashes (and probably you too) is that i am allergic to certain foods like when i eat a stupid little snickers candy bar, i usually end up getting a little red rash somewhere on my face coincidence? maybe, but im pretty sure its l