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  1. I started a extremly healthy diet w/ efa, tons of vitamins and supplements and it really seemed to help my acne. I never did the colon or liver cleanse which I plan to do soon and I think that will have the best results. I notice with food if I eat really good my skin will clear up about 5 days later it will get worse in about the same time after I eat bad which leads me to believe that I need to clean out my colon because the bad things are absorbing a couple days later insted of being expelled
  2. Thats interesting I never though about it but I have always natuarally had a low body fat percentage no matter what I eat or how much I excersise and I have been breaking out for the last 4 years after my fat started to drop off.
  3. I use hemp protein the stuff I get is by Manitoba Harvest. It has 15 grams of protein per serving 4 grams of fiber a number of amino acids and omega 3 & 6 fatty acids. I have been lifting wieghts for about 5 years now, I started when I was 16 and I was 5'8" 140 and I am now 5'10" 182 and I have gained that wieght through a healthy diet that included hemp protein. If you can find a good hemp protein I think that is your best bet.
  4. I have very oily skin and I found that the best way to moisturize for me is to let me skin dry for a little while after I have finshed cleansing it and then I apply a little bit at a time doing this way seems to let the moisturizer absorb better. I use Eucrin daily renewal and have been able to moistrize and avoid too much oil pretty well with that.
  5. I just started using some of their products about 2 weeks ago. I use the facewash (clean) and the spot treatment(fix) and also the exfoliater and mask. The products seem to be helping but I still need more time to tell. I like that they don't contain any harsh ingredients and rather more natural ones. I will keep you posted when some more time passes.