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  1. I use Aromaleigh makeup and it's wonderful. It does not make me break out at all and all liquid foundations I ever used did. I've recently converted to their skincare system too and that works miracles in my opinion.
  2. Only one way to find out and that's to try it and see what happens. I take my makeup off and just apply moisturizer a little bit. I sweat in class too much to deal with anything else if it were to come off. I wear a black uniform so you would see it all over me if I wiped my face. Lorrie
  3. A majority of my acne is all cysts now. Dan's regiman has been the best thing for it. Each day it's better and better and clears much more quicker then anything else I've used.
  4. If you have oily skin, then use a gel cleanser. If you have dry skin, then use a creme cleanser. I have dryer skin now since I've gotten older and the gel cleanser just dried it out completely to the point of ridiculous. I switched to a creme cleanser after seeing something on the Style Channel and boy they were right.
  5. I used Murad products for many, many months and all they did was dry out my skin to the point of it being ridiculous. It improved the acne slightly but not enough to clear it. I would not recommend them to anyone. They are way too expensive for something that does not work. I tried the acne complex kit.