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  1. ok so my problem is that I use this soap to wash my face in the morning before school and before going to sleep, its a Neutrogena soap thats says its dermatologist recommended, transparent facial bar and with acne prone skin formula. The problem is that 10 minutes after washing my face with it i have really flaky and dry skin, its ok if I use it before going to sleep cause when I wake my face is barely flaky but if I use it before school then its a problem! Should I keep using this soap, is it h
  2. Ok so before leaving to school I wash my face with Neutrogena Facial Soap then take a shower. After that my skin is sorta flaking so I take off the flakes with a towel and apply some moisturizer. I dont wash my fash during the whole day, even though its a sorta greasy. At night after I work out I take a quick shower then wash my face with the neutrogena face and apply some retin-a, i apply no moisturizer. The problem is when I go out on friday nights after Ive worked out I take a shower, but
  3. Ok so my dermatologist told me to stop washing my face (with the acne soap) 3 times a day, he said instead to do it twice in order to avoid the skin from producing more oil. Will this help??? Then my second problem is that I work out almost everyday and after working out im not sure if I should wash my face with the acne soap or not, since if i do then I would be using it 3 times a days. Morning, after working out and at night. Any suggestions?