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  1. I am going to the beach next week and I need to find a good sunscreen that does not breakout my chest and back. I am having a hard time with breakouts on my chest this summer, so when I put sunscreen on it just irritates it more. Any suggestions??
  2. Does it really work? Do I have to order it on-line? Or do they sell it at say Walgreens/CVS?? Or can I order it from the Pharmacy? Thanks!
  3. Hi.. I just bought some of the Murad Acne products (only available on-line) and I wondered if anyone had any experiences with these products? I am not sure if it is working or not. I have only been using the products for a week? But I am not sure if I am very happy! I would appreciate any other commets...on what kind of products you like if you didn't like Murad. Thanks!