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  1. Has anyone tried Ambre Solaire Sheer Protect SPF30 "very high protection 100% non-greasy cream"? Any opinions on it? I'm trying to decipher the ingredients list at the moment - it doesn't say it's non-comedogenic, and I think it may be contributing to my current acne outbreak.
  2. My skins got past the flaky dry red raw stage now - I'm using PanOxyl 2.5 Aquagel. My skin just feels really smooth now - like all the dead skin has gone. I like PanOxyl 2.5. Fatman what % did u try and was it the aquagel and how long did you stick it out for ? I've been on it about 3 weeks now i think.
  3. I like The Body Shop's tea tree oil concealer - creamy enough to blend well. Might only come in really pale shades though.
  4. Day 14 ***General Skin Condition*** Flakiness almost gone now due to Eucerin Hydroprotect Moisturiser SPF15. Quite heavy moisturiser, but supposed to be noncomedogenic, which is what counts? Might change to lighter moisturiser once all flakiness / redness gone ***Spot Status*** A few new spots, one just above jawline RHS, and one on neck LHS, one under chin. Currently on their way out, hopefully.
  5. my conspiracy theory is that scientists were developing a biological WMD - testing HIV in monkeys, and someone got contaminated with monkey blood and from there the infection spread. I really don't believe that nature is so cruel as to develop a virus as destructive as HIV by itself.
  6. have you tried rennies for yr stomach cramps? this was a serious question (!)- ibuprofen is anti-inflammatory - I swear when I put it on a raging spot that it had gone down in a few hours. Not completely, but on its way out.
  7. Has anyone tried using this to reduce the inflammation of acne?
  8. I looked at Dove's ingredients today and saw a comedogenic one in there - can't remember which one it was, but I had a list with me to check against. I'm using Pears Soap at the moment - seems to be non-comedogenic, as it claims. Has a short list of ingredients too, which is good - stops you going blind trying to check them. By the way sodium laureth sulfate and sodium lauryl sulfate - commonly found in shampoos, bubble baths, face washes - are both comedogenic.
  9. how the hell indeed but they do. Thanks saimiri - always nice to know there are cruelty-free alternatives. Oh and my shoes are made from dead cows, but that doesn't mean I am comfortable using products made from ingredients that have been dripped in live rabbits eyes or on their ears.
  10. Just discovered that Fresh Farmacy contains comedogenic ingredients, so don't bother!
  11. Day 10 ***General Skin Condition*** Flakiness & redness is still reducing - at side of neck there is little flakiness now (is it oilier on the side of your neck?), but it's a bit red, and has the remains of my old spots. Front of my neck still very tight, dry and flaky. Still haven't applied anything there except moisturisers. Facial skin still looking good and feeling smooth. ***Spot Status*** I nuked the new spots along my jawline with Oxy10 (don't use this all over my
  12. you could try a different concealer - the one I use is by The Body Shop - the tea tree oil one. I don't think its comedogenic, but it seems more oily than others and blends better.
  13. Are you sure you want to use the beads - won't they irritate your skin? I steer clear of anything exfoliating now (the benzoyl peroxide seems to peel most of my skin off anyway!).
  14. Which list do you use? The one I use is at www.sageskincare.com/Articles/article6.htm Ceteareth 20 has a comedogenic factor of 4 (highest is 5!).
  15. Anyone tried it? I thought it might be worth trying as a non-comedogenic /non-irritating hair gel. Might turn my hair green and spiky though.