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  1. can i purchase Tazorac online? if so, which site? has anyone bought Taz online? thanks guys
  2. I've received so many comments about my acne growing up and now about my scars. i went to work today and was feeling good about myself. i was wearing makeup and i thought i looked decent. then one of the kids told me "your face looks like a pancake!" that crushed me to pieces. he's just a kid but you know, it's the harsh reality that no matter how i feel or look with my makeup my scars are still visible and it's there forever!!!!!! FU ACNE FU SCARS thank you for continually ruining my life.
  3. i saw baby wipes for sensitive skin - i might get those. thanks all. and remember, remove all makeup before going to bed!
  4. can i use baby wipes as makeup remover? (for one of those nights when i'm just to tired to do the water-cleanser routine). or is it 'way' better to use expensive face cloths? i don't think there's a difference between the two except for the vit. e or whatever it is that they supposed to have on facial cloths. i dont always wash my face every night but i heard that your skin ages 7 days everytime you leave your makeup on overnight or something like that because of the dirt, oils, chemicals, e
  5. i agree with spikeyli the best way to find the right match for you is trial and error
  6. I was thinking of getting a sunblock that is for babies thinking it would be more gentle, etc. what do you think?
  7. usually when people say Asian they mean Japanese, Chinese, Korean, etc. but Filipinos are also Asian (like myself) and our color is darker (somewhat olive/tan).
  8. thanks a lot! i might try the honey coz that's the only thing I have at the moment!
  9. I have long hair (up to my waist). I used to have shiny hair but now it's so dry and dull. What can I do to make my hair shiny? I don't like serums and things like that (though I use it to tame frizz). How about at home hot oils?
  10. Do you wear makeup when you go swimming? Are there any waterproof makeups out there - the only waterproof I know is mascara.
  11. i'll get one before my birthday. man, it's so expensive i'll probably get facial just to treat myself every once in awhile. at the moment i just can't afford to get facials on a regular - monthly basis
  12. i'll look for a good but cheaper ones. i wanna get facials as part of my routine from now on. i had ONE when i was like 15! i'm 21 now, hmmm......
  13. oh crap. i was looking at some spas website located in toronto and i had no idea that there are sooo many different kinds of facials. and it's like $140-180 !!! whoa nelly. haha yes, thank you. your suggestions are really helpful!
  14. like... how often? once a month at least?