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  1. proverbial I have some that are similar to yours. I have my mind on fraxel now. If it works I will let you know. In the meantime, have you used retin-a? I found some improvement.
  2. You can always explore other moisturizers that costs within your budget. Really glad to hear your skin is better. Hope it gets to a point where it doesn't bother you one bit!
  3. What fetal alcohol syndrome boy said (I'm female, and all the make-up artists hunt me down with the "please let me cover your acne, red marks with my make-up" gleam in their eyes.) is very true. I hate it when I am hunted down like that especially when there are people around.
  4. sugagal: I asked my derm about fraxel for different skin types for you and she told me it can be done on ALL skin types but the intensity might be different. It just takes more number of sessions to see improvement I was told.
  5. Irishboy, look at thread "what happened to the doctor thread"
  6. When you are not thinking of sex do you guys think of money??
  7. I had 6 cool touch treatments. The results faded fast and I am back to square one. I had MUCH better permanant results with continued use of retin-a, AHA, etc,..... I am going to try fraxel next.
  8. I HATE NOXEMA COMMERCIALS!! In the commercial this girl looks in the mirror and sulks cause she has pimples and then she washes with noxema and then when she walks outside all these guys runs after her and she smiles whorishly and it says NOXEMA GIRLS GET NOTICED! Hate her but I wanna be her.
  9. Retin-A, copper peptides, neuropeptides, DMAE, Vit C serum, AHA, estrogens all help in collagen formation and thus somewhat with scars.