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  1. Collegegirl

    katie's progress

    You are sooo pretty!! Keep up the good work, you can tell that it's getting better. Believe me it sucks now, but it WILL go away. Good luck!
  2. Hi crisco, now my face is far from clear, but I have seen some good results with retin a. It never made my face red though. I wouldn't use it every night. Just every night until you're sure that you're face has gotten used to it. My face peeled a little when I first started using it, but BP made it peel much worse when I started to use it than RAM. I know that wasn't that much help, but if you can stand to still put it on you face, then maybe you should stick with it for a little while long
  3. Tenshi this is probably a weird question, but do people in Australia look down on the people that live in Tasmania, as in the equivalent to white trash people in America? Because that's what I've read. I would really like to write a screenplay and perhaps make a movie some day about a conspiracy theory concerning Thylacines, or Tasmanian tigers.
  4. I have severe cystic acne and mino has helped a lot. Like I keep feeling my face where I should have acne and it's not there. But don't expect results right away. I've been on antibiotics, retin-a, and bp for about 3 months now and am just seeing some good results. And it should be even better for you since the doctor says you're not bad enough to get accutane and you're only on 100mg a day. I'm on 200mg.
  5. Give it a little while longer. You should start seeing results fairly soon. If not ask for minocycline. I saw results much faster on mino than doxy.
  6. Kyandjae, I know how you feel. There are times when I've been between jobs and it sucks. You feel as if you're not getting anything accomplished and wasting your life away. It's cool that you have kids to keep you somewhat busy though. Wow, three at 23! I'm almost there myself and I'm not sure I could handle one. I feel like I'm pretty lazy. I wish I could be doing creative things like writing or even putting people together to make an indie film but it's like I can't get myself together.
  7. I'm glad you found success! I would look into diet myself but I would have no idea where to start. I'm pretty sure that it has no correlation though (to mine). The only correlation I've found to acne is hormones and there's not really a whole lot I can do about that. I hope you stay acne free forever and keep encouraging the rest of us, k?
  8. First of all there's nothing like someone saying you won't do or be anything. That just makes you stronger and gives you fuel for actually doing something. Second of all, don't not go to college because of your face. My face is pretty bad and not only have I had to go in front of plenty of classes with presentations and such, but I've had to be in short films for film class with... CLOSEUPS (gasp!) And then shown them on a huge screen for everybody to see. Don't ever ever let acne hold you
  9. I'm pretty sure that 1000 years ago people had some pretty bad acne, Yesac. I mean, it's not like we have pictures. And those people were unhygenic as hell. And they probably had pretty fucked up cures for it too, like leaches on the face, or scrambled toad's testicles for an internal cure.
  10. Hi Kah lua! I'm on the same things as you and I'd just like to tell you to hang in there. I had severe cystic acne, like really bad, and I had it mostly on my cheeks and my chin. I'm on week 6 now and I have seen so much difference. I hope to have new pictures up soon. I'm mostly just looking at red marks and scars but compared to only two months ago it's looking great now. I am still getting a few pimples here and there, mostly due to my cycle though.
  11. Same with me ballaballa, when I was a teen, I could pop them and pick and it would always completely go away; now they take forever to fade if they fade at all.
  12. Here's another one: does anyone's face feel or has felt oilier on minocycline? Or am I on crazy pills too?
  13. I was on it for about a month and half and sometimes I would get nauseous and/or vomit. I'm on Mino now and it's much better on my stomach. I had to be completely full before I even considered taking doxy.
  14. Hi, welcome to the forums! Are the creams Retin a micro and benzoyl peroxide? If they are then they'll probably work after you use them for a few weeks. However many say that the acne comes back after they stop using the tetracyclines and topicals.