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  1. i've been using this for around 7 months now? first 3 months was pretty good. most of my acne went away and i just applied a thin layer twice a day to get rid of the bacteria. as the months pass, i see some improvements, but still had a few dark spots here and there and some red dots. but now, i don't know why but i've been getting acne again. i've been applying alot of the BP on the spots where the acne is reappearing (the acne is alot worse than when i oringially started 7 months ago). i put a
  2. don't worry... if the gurl you like doesn't like you for your acne... damn... she ain't the one. sorry if that was a little harsh
  3. for me... grade 7 to grade 10... horrible in grade 9... died down in grade 10 but it was just lingering... didn't die down, yet, didn't get worse... so i just tried this regime and damnnnnnn... it's clear (almost).
  4. i have these blackheads on my nose... well, i think they're blackheads... you can hardly see them when you stand face to face with me, but, when you get closer, you can notice them. they're like... these little dots on my nose, that's deep inside. does anyone know how to get rid of them? can i use BP on my nose (i never did... i dunno if i should or not)? these dots are really bothering me, lolz. looks like i got poked with a pencil a few dozen times on my nose (although i still have some lead i
  5. i used cetaphil... works great. too bad it irritates your face though =(. well, that's what i had before... since, i was new to the BP, but then after my skin got used to it, the irritation toned down
  6. haha, don't worry about the darkness of the skin... i'm asian too and i just had the same problem... i believe it only effects that layer of skin that you applied it on. since, when my skin shed, the skin was really dark, leaving my normal skin color underneath. don't worry about it, give it a few days. i looked horrible for 3-4 days with the extreme tanned look but, after that, it died down. so, don't worry about it. just keep trying
  7. don't worry about the dryness of skin and stuff... i'm having some problem with that too... i started this regimen about... 6 days ago, the first 2 days were pretty nice, nothing happened that i read about (dryness of skin, darkening of skin, etc) but, the next 3 days were hell, lolz. my skin was drier than the sahara desert and i looked like some freak of nature or something, but, that didn't scare me... i just kept using the BP and now, on the 6th day, my skin isn't that much dry anymore, alt
  8. a larger tube of 2.5% benzoyl peroxide would be amazing... would save me some time walking from my house to the near shopper's drug mart...
  9. i was wondering what moisturizer people use? also... i was wondering if putting keri on is a good idea? lol... seems a little oily...
  10. hmm... i'm using clean and clear deep pore cleanser... it's pretty good actually. doesn't overdry and actually cleans my pores (results showed up in a week or so...). also, it's one the cheapest cleansers of its kind that i've seen, so, if you can find it, give it a try