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  1. Ooooh...aaahhhhh. I dig the new packaging! Check it out, guys: http://www.clearskinregimen.com/images/largecsrgel.jpg
  2. Yeah, I'd go back and buy some of the Eucerin. Don't get me wrong, I like the Cetaphil lotion (I used to use it all the time, though not with the Regimen). But nothing beats Eucerin for helping fight the BP flakies. It's true that you shouldn't start with the Eucerin. I waited a little over two weeks before trying it...but I liked it so much that I ordered 6 bottles from drugstore.com. Hopefully that'll tide me over until Dan formulates a new moisturizer.
  3. I agree with janero...and gently is the operative word. Just use a towel/washcloth/whatever and run it lightly over your dry spots right after cleansing. That should help with the flakies. Good luck!!
  4. Hello again -- As you know, I've had great luck with the Eucerin skin renewal. It does contain an AHA, but is supposedly milder than the Neutrogena Healthy Skin w/AHA. The Eucerin has a lightweight texture, but moisturizes very well and keeps the BP flakies at bay. If that doesn't work, I have used the Cetaphil lotion in the past (though not on the Regimen). I have sensitive skin, and tolerated it very well. The only ones I'd recommend against are Aveda's oil-free SPF moisturizers (th
  5. Good luck, brian and ajd!! Keep us posted on your progress.
  6. Hey waterxyro, Check out this link -- detailed instructions on how/when/where to wash your face while on the Regimen. I found this page very helpful when I first started. Dan's step-by-step guide to the Regimen From my own experience, I can tell you to a) be extra gentle, and b) don't wash for too long. You only need to wash for about 10 seconds. (A bit longer if you wear makeup, but I presume you do not.)
  7. Oh my. Back to earth for a moment: where do you find Matis products? To be completely honest, I've never heard of them. (FYI, the "city" nearest to me is Peterborough...not exactly a shopping mecca.) Thanks.
  8. Another idea is to put lip balm/chap-stick on your lips before applying BP. It sort of "shields" your lips from the BP...though you do have to be careful not to get any lip balm on your skin. BTW, spicychicken, I am so impressed with your progress pics! You look fantastic!
  9. All right, folks...I was responding to Vandergraf's eye bags thread, and figured I could use your recommendations on a good eye cream to use with the Regimen. I never purposefully apply BP in my eye area (I've never had a problem with acne there). I wash my hands carefully after applying BP, give the BP about 10-15 minutes to absorb, and apply moisturizer to my eye area before I apply it anywhere else. One would think this would help me avoid dry skin under my eyes. But despite my efforts,
  10. Vandergraf, while I don't have bags under my eyes, the skin around my eyes has been SO dry since I started the Regimen. It's odd, since I never apply BP in the eye area (don't need to, as I've never had spots there). I don't know if the BP just migrates...or if I'm accidentally transferring it while applying moisturizer...or something else. Actually, I think I'm going to start another thread and see if anyone knows a good eye creme.
  11. jskate, I know this doesn't answer your question directly, but have you tried Dan's BP gel yet? It absorbs much more easily than Neutrogena OTS, so less will stay on the skin's surface. The tube is HUGE, so it's more economical than Neutrogena as well.
  12. Here's another vote for the Purpose bar. I also have combination skin, and usually I find bars too drying...but not this one. And it's easy on the wallet. As for a moisturizer, I definitely recommend Eucerin Skin Renewal. I got mine through drugstore.com. Cetaphil makes an oil-free SPF 15 moisturizer that's pretty good, but it doesn't combat the BP flakies as well as Eucerin.
  13. Interesting. I've been keeping an eye on that thread as well. Definitely too soon for me to start adding in variables, but let me know how it works for you. As much as I dislike the flakies, I'd be a bit apprehensive that the exfoliation (w/brush, as suggested) would irritate my skin.