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  1. Larger gap. Not much to report here except i think that the Product cleanser bar will actually make things worse at a point when the bar itself drys out and cracks. I was going to use the bar until it all ran out but it started to dry me out beyond belief and made my skin flake on the side of my lip which isnt a good imagine having white flakes around my lips and i cant rub it off or something cause it makes it worse and moisturizer only helps temporarily. Solution to it though was to replace
  2. Yup i didnt get Big lumpy ugly pimples before just small ones, but remember how i said i bped once a day? well now i get those big ones. lol time to bp 2 times a day
  3. i dunno if im clear or not. I dont have pimples maybe like 1 or 2 small ones on my neck but i DO have scars and its pinkish. just now i started bping twice a day again because im not sick or at least have gotten better from being sick. even though before i only applied bp once a day I have been washing twice a day and not using moisturizer but im back on track again.. thats why the AHA sounds desirable since it can help with scars which is what i need at this point. well good luck on your regi
  4. helps with scarring eh? just which one are you using?.. I havent been Bping twice a day.. ive been sick :eusa_sick: but if it can help with pimples and scars then which one do you guys reccomend?
  5. I hope you werent serious about popping them...... I did that before and look at me now scars lol.
  6. This is why we have the moisturizer step in the end .............
  7. Thanks I guess day5-6 are bad days for the regimen huh? This bp is kinda making me look like a raccoon at this point. since i put bp all over my face it kinda made it lighter and since i cant put it around my eyes the skin around my eyes are darker..... haha Did you eyes get watery when you walk around? i just noticed since ive been on this regimen when i walk my eyes get kind of watery but when im still all is normal
  8. Day 5 i guess.... Either that or day 4... how can i lose track.. one or two new tiny pimples but the existing ones are fading.... working? i hope so
  9. I didnt get the healthy skin one. I just got the Oil-free moisture spf15 cause ill probably need the sun screen and i was paranoid about trying moisturizers cause alot of people say they get cystic acne = O so i went this one cause a few people say it was good.. Well for me at least its dealing well with the dryness im suppose to get from starting this regimen... My skin feels all dry and cracked like if i smiled i would rip skin. and when i apply the moisturizer it returns to normal.. lol . Id
  10. Sounds like a scam to me.....
  11. Ill just continue with it and Order the Eucerin and dans bp gel while im at it.. for now neutrogina on the spot and its oil free moisture will have to do until i get the other two. wish me luck
  12. "What i do know is that Eucerin Daily perfecting lotion is suppose to be the best but i cant find it in a store. " I meant Daily renewal... lol Daily perfecting is that green crap i have that doesnt rub in
  13. I hear you about the moisturizer. Ive been trying to find the Eucerin Day lotion and although my local walgreens or cvs carry the brand they dont carry that type... but They do carry tons of the Neutrogina moisterizer you are looking for .. I just started this 2 days ago and i hope it will work But it is encouraging to see other people such as yourself getting some results Good luck with continuing this
  14. I think Purpose cleanser is a good cleanser... Its in bar form and lasts a whie and its pretty cheap too only thing is it might dry you up a bit but if you are going to get a moisturizer then go for it . As for the moisturizer i dont know myself.. What i do know is that Eucerin Daily perfecting lotion is suppose to be the best but i cant find it in a store. People say Neutrogina oil free moisture spf 15 is good, but some people say it can cause cystic acne.. i guess its all in the skin type ,,
  15. I think the Eucerin Daily revitalizing lotion has something that makes my eyes watery.... I thought it was the BP but i guess it not... odd also it doesnt rub in right and leaves me looking like the hulk.. without the muscles of course
  16. now that two people tell me they use that moisturizer thats good.. The reason is cause i have it already and ive been paranoid to use it , ive only been spot treating dry dry places. Im going to continue with the regimen. i hope it works
  17. I started the Regimen 2 days ago but First i wanna hear what you think about it if its effective or not.. Ive been reading in these forums that the regimen will cause you to get acne in places you didnt.... also for the regimen......is neutrogina daily moisture spf 15 good? does it cause cystic acne like it says in some of the reviews??? im confused
  18. Shave it up... Its better for when you apply BP if you are doing the regimen and if not its good for overall washing since theres no hair. even if its light... What moisturizer do you use for the face if you use one? tell me about it and ifs its good or not cause I dunno about it
  19. Started the regimine on thursday night Products i use are Cleanser: Product cleanser bar ( works great and makes you feel clean) BP: Neutrogina on the spot ( test it before i order BP gel if this seems to work) Moisturizer: Eucerin daily perfecting lotion( man i thought this was the one on dans site... so i bought it and it set me back 15 bucks. It does seem to work great but the thing is that when you use it you get a green tint that wont come off until you wash it , the green is suppose to he
  20. Ive been searching for a good moisturizer to use for Dans regimine but when i look at the 4 that are on the site the only good one seens to be the Eucerin Skin Renewal Day Lotion, SPF 15.. I went to the store and they Only had Eucerin Daily perfecting lotion which is a green lotion that is suppose to help redness go away. Its an ok lotion i suppose but the bad thing about it is that it doesnt rub in no matter how little you put, your face stays with a Green tint.... When i went back to the store