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  1. clearskinplease

    My Clear Skin Regimen log

    16 weeks as of yesterday. Not clear, at all. Not really mad, just very dissappointed. I'll finish up this last bottle of BP I have and see what the derm can do
  2. clearskinplease

    9 weeks and :(

    I'm gonna use one more bottle of BP and see what happens. I don't think a derm will have any thing for me though I doubt my parents would let me go on Accutane. They're convinced it will pass with age (like it did with my brother) but they don't realize how long I've had it.
  3. clearskinplease

    9 weeks and :(

    ^ I'm 16. I haven't had sex. As for the "biggest mistakes" I don't think I qualify for any of them. I've mentioned that I used Healthy Skin lotion which has Alpha-Hydroxyl and Vitamin A/B about 2 weeks in for about 2 weeks. But since then, its been 4 weeks easy. I use about 2 fingertips as well. In the morning, I apply gently so it all absorbs, but I don't use as much, maybe 1.5. At night, I do the full 2.
  4. clearskinplease

    9 weeks and :(

    Morning: -In shower, wash with Purpose bar -Dry, get dressed (time passes) -Use Dan's BP Gel -Pass more time-- use Neutrogena Oil-Free Moisture Night: -Wash face with Purpose -BP Gel -Moisturize if I have time (usually don't of late, but I'm not dry like others) I wash gently and moisturize properly. I try to do 2 fingerlengths, but its not really needed on my chin, just my entire cheeks and forehead. At night, if I'm looking bad, I will definitely use adequate amts. I drink 3 L of water e
  5. clearskinplease

    9 weeks and :(

    still not clear I'm going to keep going. I'm gonna order my 3rd bottle of BP and use 2 finger-lengths each application. I think I may have used less. I still breakout, but BP blasts them in about 2 weeks. More to come, and maybe pics (i need my camera back). Any ideas? I will also start changing my drying towel and pillowcase
  6. clearskinplease

    how many of you does this work for..

    I've tried a few things, from proactiv, zenmed, tazorac, clindamycin phosphate, and B5. I've been on the regimen for 9 weeks and I've still got pimples on both cheeks and forehead. I breakout every few days in a certain spot, but with BP gel, those breakouts dissappear in about 2 weeks. But they keep coming, and some of my blemishes don't seem to want to change AT ALL.
  7. clearskinplease

    My Clear Skin Regimen log

    Tomorrow makes 9 weeks. uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Maybe I'll put up pics. Some encouragement could be used.
  8. clearskinplease

    My Clear Skin Regimen log

    Tuesday makes week 4. On my left side I've got 3 of the biggest bumps I've ever had. Why am I still goin? My right side is near flat.. Just marks to fade.
  9. clearskinplease

    My Clear Skin Regimen log

    Oh, I've tried explaining the complexion thing to them. I think we have totally different types of skin. I can put as much BP on my face as I want and my skin will keep absorbing over 2-5 minutes. Once I apply a thin layer of moisturizer, there's no flaking or dryness all day. I definitely don't think a washcloth and scrubbing is a good way to go.
  10. I'm gonna be using this stuff nightly, before moisturizing.. it seems pretty good so far What it says: Neutrogena Healthy Skin - Face Lotion -Vitamins A, C, E -Pro-Vitamin B5 -Alpha-Hydroxy Acid It also says to moisturizer as needed. This is it They also make one with SPF 15 here What do you guys think?
  11. clearskinplease

    The PRICE of completely CLEAR skin!

    I'd take the money to help me get into college and help my family out. Most of it would be saved for my future business ventures. After all, I'm gonna need money to find a cure for acne when I grow up.
  12. clearskinplease

    2nd time regimen user

    nice to see your progress, keep it up! you should post a pic of your clearness
  13. clearskinplease

    My Clear Skin Regimen log

    hmm I missed a lot. My second week went rather well up to Dec 4-6ish. Since then I've had a few breakouts of one or two pimples a day. I haven't got one big one lately, so I'm hoping that initial breakout is done with. But they have reduced a bit over the days. I'm still confident it will work because before this breakout, I was looking clearer and clearer.
  14. I'll admit that sort of worries me too. But the regimen is just starting its work on me, I'm not even a week done. Hopefully when I get clear, I can cut down the BP over weeks, then cut down to once a day, then I'll see what happens.
  15. clearskinplease

    Regimen and Red Marks

    For those of you have had success with the regimen or been on it for longer than I have, how does the regimen effect red marks. If you check my gallery, you can see how bad they were a few years back. Some of the marks are still there, mostly on my cheeks, and much less darker, smaller blemishes on my forehead. Over two years, they're still there. Does the regimen clean up red marks? I'm assuming it doesn't really remove the long-standing ones. What are some good, easy to find, relativel