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  1. recently switched from nuetrogena on the spot 2.5% which i had been using for years to the clean and clear persagel 10% and have had a significant improvement already within less than a week..could be a coincidence but so far 10% > 2.5% IMO
  2. i forgot all about this.....ive been doing pretty good with the occasional minor break out.......ill put up a full face shot
  3. thanks, yeah redmarks are a bitch but ill deal with them anyday over active lesions
  4. hang in there man the breakouts -will- subside..
  5. so i went to the derm today to get my last refill on accutane and they told me that i was done, i had taken a rough total of 9,000mg of accutane thus far and they said a full course is about 7,000mg so they did not want to prescribe me anymore. they said i should continue to improve. im scared that im going to start breaking out again so wish me luck....it was a journey getting to where im at now...time flew by though i have a lot of red marks! left and right respectively
  6. thanks keisha, i think 3 more months...so im half way there
  7. i have the same issue...just got to deal with it! itll be worth it in the end!
  8. thanks all...heres pics from today 1/21/06...still breaking out and its been exactly 3 months tomorrow
  9. 1/10/06 left and right still on the 80mg per day....doing alright..few minor breakouts here and there..
  10. yes well i woke up this morning and was still a little painful but i havent taken any doses today and what do you know my throat is feeling better...
  11. ok so i know that painful or difficult swallowing is listed as a serious side effect and to cease taking accutane if that happens.........so about 2 weeks ago i was sick with a cold..along with it was a very painful sore throat.....i gargled with salt water 3 times a day, always had cough drops etc. but nothing seemed to really help. after about a week my cold symptoms including the sore throat began to decrease. i was happy because i was not going to be happy attributing the painful throat to