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  1. After 10 years i've finally found products that have helped and cleared my skin. All thanks to 2 bar soaps. Cetaphil Bar Soap. Dial Basis Bar Soap. I found out using just 1 of those bar soap every day would either dry my skin too much or over moisterize each. Alternating both has made the perfect combination for my skin.
  2. that a tetanus shot can clear up your skin? I got a tetanus shot last week after getting a peice of metal in my eye from working my job and I noticed after getting it my skin feels better and not as dry. Is it possible that a tetanus shot could do that?
  3. Ok, I do have the answer, 'Suave Daily Clarifying shampoo' with deep cleansers. It's a clear shampoo and it works really well to get rid of the grease without making the hair dry. The clear shampoo is also good if you have acne because they tend to have "less goo in them" Well, thats what I heard anyway. Try it
  4. Looking back now at my younger years(i'm 22 now) I realize I was pretty stupid to my body and didn't pay attention to it like I do now(I was a kid, what did i know??). I realize now that when I was a kid I was very active and didn't drink enough water(I drank mostly sodas/juice) and i was thristy/dehydrated most of the time. I've heard that dehydation ruins kidneys/liver/heart and most importantly the SKIN. I wonder if not drinking enough clear water as a kid is why my skin sucks now? All that
  5. Can I put BP gel on after using the Glytone wash? The doc wants me to use it with Differin gel, but I would rather use Dans BP.
  6. I use to worry about the sun and think about what my skin might look like one day. Now I don't care and stay outside all day without sunblock or anything. The world could end tomorrow and I would regret not staying outside enjoying life and getting a good tan. I learn to stop living in the future and live in the moment cause anything could happen at anytime.
  7. Seriously. Don't let the strong scent scare you away either. I was spectical at first, but this stuff really does work. My skin feels great, smells great and the acne is starting to go away. This stuff isn't meant to treat acne but for some reason it helping to get rid of it. I tried everything from BP-SA, or washing less other. None of that didn't work Theres something in that blue gel that works wonders, i'm telling you.
  8. I'm only 21 too. This could be bad. Nothing interest me anymore, theres nothing I really want either. I don't even feel like having a girlfriend right now. It's hard to work when your not really working for anyone or anything, just basically working to stay alive. If I already feel this way at 21 I can't even begin to imagine how i'm going to feel at 40. TV shows arn't helping either, like the History chanal that talks about our generation being in the "end of days" "The world is goona end in 2
  9. Wouldn't the sun help people with Rosacea because the sun thickens the skin? Doesn't people with Rosacea have very thin skin, thats why the red blood vessels show? Wouldn't staying out in the sun thicken the skin making the blood vessels less visible? Thin skin is usually really sensitive too right?
  10. I know I hate when other gym rats have perfect skin and my skin looks oily and like shit. Like Arnold, that guy was jacked up on Steriods, that are known to produce acne, yet his skin never had 1 blemish
  11. I'm going to drown myself in alcohal and try very hard to not commit suicide
  12. I use it with the Regimen and its awesome. It's the only cleanser I have used that doesn't dry out my face.
  13. I have the same problem. I had a little red bumps all over my chest for years till I tried something new a few weeks ago and now most of it is gone. For the body I did... Morning: neutrogena body wash Night: Purpose soap followed by Dans BP gel all of over my chest/shoulders. It's sounds like overkill , but I think are skin on are body's can take it.
  14. Milk makes me breakout. I cut out milk for 1 month now and not a single zit has flared up since(knock on wood) Yet I can eat pizza with cheese and have no problem....weird