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  1. never thought it would be this easy because I have hormonal acne.......but it has, can't believe it.
  2. DAY 1 I have started the B-5 today. I have moderate acne concentrated around my jawline and chin. It's hormonal....meaning I always have it....more so around that time of the month......see you after this week!
  3. I will be starting my trial of B5 tomorrow....10 grams along with food and drink. Durations: 2 months. I will be also exercising regularly and will drink lots of water. I will post weekly. I hope this works! O:)
  4. The sun has always completely cleared me up. Now that it's getting cooler....will going to a tanning bed help?
  5. No matter what I do...any little amount of makeup i put on after the regimen in the morning....it and the BP just don't mix. So I was thinking. Would the BP have the same effect.....if I woke up early in the morning, do the regimen with the BP, leave it on for an hour or 2, then wash it off and go about my day? Since it will be dry already.
  6. awesome flippy!! it's clearing me up....i haven't seen my skin like this in years.
  7. thanks Ryan!... I'll keep posted with my results with this....my skin is definitely not dry when I do this.
  8. I find that putting moisturizer on BEFORE the BP prevents excessive drying and gunking up of the BP. Will this hurt the effectiveness of the regimen?
  9. I have started the regimen and have been using a cetaphil moisturizer that isn't oil free. It makes my skin soft and hasn't been clogging my pores. Will this X out the affect of the BP?
  10. What was your acne like before starting Acne Cure? Mine is mild/moderate, more along the jaw line area and below my cheeks. Thanks so much for your detailed recommendation!! I'm only a day along, but will keep yall posted.