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  1. firefly18

    Oily On Retin A

    everyone is different. My brother annoyingly had no oiliness on Ziana (a gel that is basically retin-a, but also includes Clindamycin) and cleared up in a month. I, on the other hand, am having a lot more purging and oiliness and it sucks. But I'm going to give it some more time because it seems this medication just works slowly for me (but I really think it is working and so do my friends and family) and my skin is suuuuuuuper sensitive, so i think that with the extreme cold in my area, it's be
  2. firefly18

    Oily On Retin A

    me too! good luck!
  3. Not for acne-prone or sensitive skin

    I was told by my esthetician that this was a good choice as it's pretty gentle and a huge bonus is that the microbeads are jojoba oil (good for the environment, even better for humans). However, as I've read more and more about scrubs, I don't think they are good for people who currently have acne and I think the fragrance in this product is a big problem too. Look up this scrub on Beautypedia for more.
  4. Solid cleanser for oily skin

    I have been using this cleanser for a while now and I feel like it's gentle enough to use on skin that's being treated with acne medications, but cleans well, removing makeup, oil, etc. It is sometimes a little drying, but I've only noticed that this winter, so I'm considering adding in the Naturals cream cleanser to the mix until the Spring (maybe in the mornings). As other users have said, I wish it was truly all natural and while I personally like the scent, I would prefer fragrance free prod
  5. firefly18

    Starting New Meds

    yeah, that's a common thing for a while. I'm still experiencing itchiness, but it's only on my chin and jawline now. if you moisturize at night every other day or so and also wait 20-30 minutes before applying the medicine after you wash your face, it will help a lot.
  6. firefly18

    Oily On Retin A

    Couple things that helped me 1) I wait 30 minutes after washing my face to apply the retinoid (I use it at night) 2) every other day I moisturize 1 hour after applying the retinoid. This means you have to wash your face an hour and a half before you go to bed and plan it, etc., but it's worth it even every 2 days because it really helps control how oily my skin gets. 3) I also wait 20-30 minutes after washing my face/taking a shower in the morning before applying my moisturizer and makeu
  7. I've learned the hard way to not experiment with these topicals too much on your own. You can probably just call your Dr's office and ask this question and get a reply back rather than spending $$ to go in...
  8. firefly18

    Starting New Meds

    I'm also on an antibiotic (doxycycline) and a retinoid topical (ziana) together. I was on the antibiotic for about a month before starting the retinoid and still have had a pretty bad purging experience. My brother, on the other hand, was on the same retinoid topical but without an oral antibiotic and he had almost no purging whatsoever and his face cleared up in about a month. I'm on week 7 and still purging, but it's definitely getting better. It just depends on your skin. But based on everyth
  9. This is my first time posting on this site even though I have been reading user posts for years and it has always helped me. I'm 30 and still break out. I've had periods of being relatively clear here and there, but pretty much ever since I was 18 I've had really sensitive, acne-prone skin. It was doing pretty well until the fall, when my stress levels were through the roof for personal and professional reasons and I wasn't sleeping. It began getting so bad that I finally saw a dermatologist for