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  1. Going by their guide, I went with optimal recommendations for ACNE, the supplements below: Active Calcium Biomega3 Essentials (Minerals and Antioxidants) Proflavanol So far I've noticed less oil, i had little skin coloured bumps all over my face that have now disappeared, still a few but they seem to be clearing each day.. and less redness and irritation. My pee is yellow/greenish apparently this is normal. I've also used the Sense face wash/masque package once and the results are positive.
  2. strawberries do u swim at the beach or in a chlorinated pool?
  3. So ive started to swim more often, after i swim tho i steam in the steamroom for about 20 minutes or so. Im thinking the Chlorine cant be too good for your skin? But does it aggravate pimples?
  4. Hi, I was BP but went off it because of the reasons already expressed in this thread. I DO believe that your skin becomes used to just letting BP do all the work, so it will be a VERY VERY, even LONGER time for it to get back to normal (ie if u hadnt used BP in the first place maybe it would be better by now naturally). Anyway, I went off it for this reason, and it got WORSE. Alot WORSE. But i thought i'd go through the tough times, literally by this time I had given up and mentally, I had giv
  5. knowshow, so are you saying you have lost hair afterwards now? or not? didnt quite understand. u said that u noticed it first, but then it went away and then now its there again?
  6. This is the only thing stopping me from starting B5, can some of you tell me your experiences pleasE? is it only temporary loss and are there any other side effects? my other concern is also whether i have to stay on b5 forever!? i took some today for the first time by only the recommended dose on the bottle. your help appreciated, thanks.
  7. thanks for your replies.... ive been reading in these forums since my last post and i just love food too much ALTHOUGH i was merely stating the fact that this has worked for me in 4 days.. the reason why shiseido worked for me the first week was because i switched from CSR/BP to Shiseido, BP being very harsh on ur skin and drying, it probably normalised my skinf or that week which why it got better so much quicker. This time around i havent changed my regime but my diet and i saw the changes im
  8. Okay, you might all be thinking this thread doesnt belong here but I just came from doing the CSR and it didnt work for me. I stopped it because it was really damaging my skin - so i started to use a high end range for men skincare range from Shiseido which did great the first couple of weeks (probably normalising my skin from CSR) but then started to go bad. I then followed a link from another part of this forum to an ebook about fasting and how it could help, i figured i had nothing to los
  9. almost 5 months later, no luck, altho it has improved, red spots, faded shirts, time, and effort, its still not good enough for all the time i put into this. still alot of red marks and breakouts.
  10. so what if u have given it strict 3 months, can u give up then? i started in march some time and i altho it improved, still getting weird breakouts and red spots are all over my face that wont go away, and oily face. its definately worse. i bought two tubes of csr thinking after the 2 tubes, confident that after the 2 tubes id be clear. it didnt happen. then i bought 4 bottles confident that it will eventually happen, still hasnt. im trying something else, or maybe just stop trying altogether
  11. so what is the verdict? causes cancer or not? how risky is it? im considering going off bp (altho ive purchased 4 new tubes). i just dont like the slow process of healing red marks and i think to myself, thats gotta be bad if bp is not allowing your skin to heal itself. at this stage it doesnt appear to irritate my skin, but im still really oily only when on bp, when im off it, it is okay. btw - ive been on the regimen for 3 months now, have red marks left. some of the red marks have turned i
  12. So the acne gets better and clears up, what about the oil production? once upon a time i did not have oily skin... *sigh*
  13. People people people, from the looks of things we are all doing things different. Okay, the only reason i take 1 hour to do it, is not the waashing, that takes seconds, the moisturising takes seconds as well, its the bp. I have one full ( not really full, i stop at about the tip of my index finger) and im only doing two sides of my face, no forehead, no chin. lightly smearing the bp all over the face, because theres so much and ur being gentle, it literally will take 40 minutes before it star
  14. Ive been doing it for about 2-3 months now, and it seems its taking longer and longer because im starting to apply more (still one finger length but thicker) and im also more gentle rather than rubbing it in hard and fast i let itself sink in. ive actually gone out of my way to buy a mirror so i can sit in my room, watch tv and apply. i swear a whole show must finish before im even done applying bp. This is my regimen. 1.wash cetaphil cleanser wait 10 2. apply bp CSR wait 10 3. moisturise wit
  15. how long did ur small breakout last? im pretty sure im over a week on dans gel now but still seems to be breaking out more often than not
  16. I previously used benzac ac gel 2.5% and since have switched to dans bp when it arrived. have been on dans gel for about a week now and i noticed ive broken out, as far as i can see theres not much difference between the two except dans gel is lighter in colour and not as irritating, otherwise the same thing. anyone else go through the same thing? I wash with cetaphil cleanser, wait 10 minutes apply bp wait 10 mins apply moisturiser morning and night. i do apply more bp at night than morning
  17. thats rite, its not a cure but it generally goes away with age. in other words, noone has grown out of it. my concern is that we will be on this regimen for life because our skin gets used to it and relies on it too much. i dont want to do this FOREVER, im sure everyone else feels the same.
  18. obviously would not like to do this every morning/night for too long, i think i can stand only another 6 months. Has anyone managed to slowly phase it out and yet still remain clear (probably grew out of it by then) i suppose anyone who has would not be here nemore!
  19. that is a huge difference, were u on dans regimen to start off with and stopped? or just medication? ive heard stories about stopping medication and things going worse. that other dude is saying dans regimen may cause it, i dont know what anyone else have to say about that on here? ur gf seems nice and i notice she looks exactly the same in both pics, which means she is still happy and is not worried about the way u look.
  20. heres a real tip that only applies to ppl who are over the first month. Use a non medicated exfoliator scrub ONCE a week. this obviously gets rid of the buildup cetaphil or the gentle wash u are using doesnt. ALSO, only do this when you have NO ACTIVE acne, which means u only have red marks, otherwise u dont want to scrub cos u could make holes in ur face. ive done this once a week and it makes the improvement faster.
  21. You know how when you apply your BP and clean up certain areas, you will use a finger perhaps that has not touched the BP yet to wipe or clean up an area so theres no whitish residue. I ran out of fingers and started to wipe certain areas with the back of my hands near the knuckles. my hands are now all red, and dried. it also cracked and started bleeding all over my knuckles. im using aloe vera now to try to make it better, but it hasnt helped all that much. its like i have lots of little pape
  22. are they the kinda whiteheads u feel u can just scratch off. i got those on my chin when iuse aha. small whiteheads, small enough to scratch off.
  23. everyone else is raving on about the neutrogena aha tho, are u the only person with this problem? cant get neutrogena aha here in australia which is why i dont use it. theres this other ego elucent stuff which sounds similiar.
  24. yep i use it day and nite. okay thanks i will try that and use it at night only because it does not have SPF 15 anyway. its not that i love the product, its expensive! and ive got a huge bottle. so i feel like i have to use it, altho ive heard good stories about it. i tried my normal moisturiser last nite and its alot better today, so yeh, i will use it maybe once a day. thanks mate.
  25. nope, with the clear skin regimen. Cetaphil (wait 15) Benzac 2.5 BP (wait 15) Neostrata AHA Moisturizer Morning and evening