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    Atlanta, GA
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    Reading (The Dark Tower is my favorite series)

    MUSIC! I absolutely have no idea how I could survive without listening to music.(Punk Rock, Indie Rock, Hardcore, etc..)

    I try to go to as many shows as I can afford to. I also have a habit of buying way too many band t-shirts.

    I consider myself a PC Gamer. If you're on steam... send me a PM!

    I also enjoy running.

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  1. Believe me... I know EXACTLY how you feel. I've been on accutane 3 times. I've had acne since I was about14; so about 12 years. I have a lot of scarring and what seems like never-ending red marks. I have scarring on my back, my temples, my forehead, my nose, my cheeks, and my upper lip below my nose; so pretty much EVERYWHERE. My right cheek looks like the surface of the moon, I shit you not. Haha. I still get acne too, and the occasional cyst. I'm spent on ideas so I just try to focus on o
  2. I worked at a couple Japanese Steakhouses as a teppanyaki chef for about 7-8 years when I was 16 up to about 24. I went through periods of bad breakouts with cysts and all the scars in the book that go with it. Was on accutane 3 times as well over the course of those 8 years. It bugged the hell out of me no doubt, but I had really good friends and never had any complaints from any customers or any rude remarks either. I actually got requested quite a lot to cook for regular customers. The p
  3. 25 here. horrible acne since early teens. been on accutane 3(or was it 4?) times. still have acne and substantial scarring...
  4. add me 4 modern warfare 2

  5. i can FEEL them on the side of my face where it is worse. don't get me started on how that affects my self esteem in public situations
  6. maybe if you posted up a pic you might get more help.
  7. 6+ years. I'm 24 now... I have really bad scarring on both of my cheeks and my nose. I bet I have worse scars than you!
  8. can you physically feel the scars on your face? not with your hands i mean with your face... get it?
  9. i know how you feel... really. i'm 24 and i've had acne since i was your age. but my acne was so bad that it left horrible scars on my cheeks and nose and temples. cystic acne is a bitch... it really suck when people who have "blemishes" bitch about how shitty their life is with "acne." i really dont think that if your acne clears up by using clearasil that you should be wallowing in self pity.... just my two cents. ps. i've heard it all from people "do you wash your face?" "have you gone
  10. anyone find it difficult to find a job with acne scars or bad acne? i cant help but wonder if that is one of the reasons of me not finding anything
  11. sounds like a proactive plug to me! woulnd't doubt it if proactive wrote this song for him and paid him millions of dollars!