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  1. Like but I prefer Basis bar

    I bought this bar(the fragrance-free one) because I had read great reviews about it. I really liked it the couple times I used it. It made my skin softer and brighter and I feel like the glycerin made my skin look younger and healthier. However, it didn't do much to clear up my acne. (mild acne on my chin and cheeks). Recently I've been using basis sensitive skin bar and I really like it so far, it cleared up most of my acne plus it has glycerin as well so I get the healthy looking skin benefits
  2. Love but can only use 1x a day

    I bought this soap because it is fragrance free and I've read good reviews. I get mild acne on my chin and cheeks and this bar made my face smoother, softer and brighter and cleared up most of my acne. I did find that it was a little drying, however, so I usually only use it once a day since I get lazy about moisturizing. If I use it twice a day I'll make sure to moisturize after so my skin doesn't feel too tight. It does not make my skin dry to the point where it starts to peel or flake though,