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  1. i tried it before, its really nasty, i drank it straight and its really burns the throat, its painful stuff. Not sure if it did anything, but its spose to be good generally.
  2. Oh yeah, i forgot to include the pixies and the melvins cover of teen spirit is soooo good too...
  3. My skin gets really greasy if i use even an oil free moisturiser too, but after the eggwhite i put on acv and dont wash it off, and i just started using 100%aloe vera gel also and it's sooooo good, its not greasy at all or doesn't seem to clog pores and it helps with redness and in the morning when i wake up my skin is half as oily as it was when i didn't use it!
  4. i think people are scared of death because no one knows what happens after u die.Whether u go to heaven or hell, some other place or just die and thats the end, on one knows and thats scary...
  5. chocolate and french fries, how can anyone live without those, they are a part of life!
  6. yeah it comes off so easy with water! I broke out a little too but i think it's just ur skin getting use to it!
  7. You have to whip the egg white till it's white and fluffy but still runny i think. Just put it on with ur fingers.
  8. go marlins!! really..well they say all u need is one coat... well that sux... ...im a product junkie ...i think i still wanna try it ... at least once... trust me, its not worth the money. One coat looks like there is nothing there! Two coats and it's thin and clumpy!
  9. Id say go in the steam room everytime u play basketball because it will get all the sweat and crap out of ur pores then go have a shower to close the pores back up. Steam for about 10-15 coz steam rooms arent very strong.
  10. Yeah, i ordered it and just got it in the mail. It looks so good on tv but its not very good. It clumps and u cant put more than one coat on because it dries instantly. matty r u a guy who uses mascara?
  11. just beat up an egg white until stiff and add a sqeeze of lemon. Then smear a thin layer over yor face and wait till it dries about 10 mins. Then wash off. One egg white will make about 3 masks so just put the left over in the fridge for next time.
  12. Thanks for the help guys. I just started using acv on my face so i hope it helps. I have really oily skin and i dont have rosacea, i think it's just the weather when its hot and i just have sensitive skin.
  13. does anyone know of any products our there that help redness?