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  1. i think the light produces collagen in the skin, so maybe it makes it tighter or something? i didn't notice too much change though from using mine. tim beautiful day: just use the lamp when your room mate goes out and leave your key in the door so they can't get back in! lol tim
  2. yeh i have an old beautyskin lamp and it definitely gets hot and heats up my face! i wonder if really it is the heat that might help, not the red / blue light frequency... tim
  3. well for girls they might look good, but a man with 7yo skin would look v daft
  4. not sure i'd take the deal! being fat can be as damaging psychologically (if not more so), plus it is hard to hide it if you get very fat i guess most of us could control our diet and lifestyle more than we can acne though...? tim
  5. hi i think i have acne dysmorphia as well skipping school, work, social events etc because of skin problems is not uncommon if you have bad acne, i'm sure lots of people on this site have done it. you can easily become more of a recluse and avoid seeing people because you hate your skin so much. anyway sorry i don't have any advice. try searching for body dysmorphia on the net and maybe there are support websites with advice on. best of luck
  6. not sure how strong the genetic link is to be honest plus it's not like a genetic heart defect or something serious or life threatening i can understand why you wouldn't want a child to go through the bad experience of having acne though i would suggest there are better reasons to have or not have children than acne... tim
  7. hey, i got this problem. i won't go out when i look crap. don't socialise at all anymore. so yeh, what's the treatment???
  8. how old are you t-wayne? i only ask because a lower dose is used more in adults apparently. if i were you i would just take 40mg for a few months and see what happens. maybe you won't need a higher dose and can save money and avoid severe side effects. best of luck, tim
  9. i would try it a while longer and then see tim
  10. has anyone else got a elong ipl? if yes how did you find it? i just got one on ebay. tim
  11. don't touch your skin shower after work don't eat crap food i think you'll be fine. millions of people work in kitchens.
  12. i'm very surprised by this. the small amount of vitamin a in any normal multi-vitamin would surely not make any difference at all to accutane users? tim
  13. if it's just your chin then maybe try a few other over-the-counter treatments and shaving techniques first before going back to accutane. tim
  14. if you tell your derm that you want to be clearer than you have achieved so far, and how acne psychologically affects you, then i think you would be allowed accutane. best of luck, tim
  15. hey, interesting. i wish i could give up caffeine i just love coffee too much though. maybe you can get an allergy test done properly or buy a home testing kit. tim