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  1. I have a few pretty bad pit scars.. they are so noticable.. and im so young.. i need to get rid of them asap... but i lead a very busy life, and i cant do a treatment that would leave my face all messed up for a few months.. im talking something thats healing time is less then a week.. does anybody have ANY advice..
  2. Hey everyone.. here is my story.. i had acne when i was 14-16.. but now i am 20, and havent had acne for a while.. i still get the ocasional zit here and there, but face is usually clear.. anyway.. I've had acne scars for a while.. I'm like the only person my age who has such bad scaring.. the pics that magneticxboy posted are a good example of the type of scars I have.. he has a bunch of small ones.. i have less, but they are bigger.. there is one on the right side of my face that is literall