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  1. Yeah, I'd suggest not giving up sports for acne. Just my opinion though.
  2. I don't know exactly what's the best thing to be done, but I think if there was a way to make people see through the eyes of another, maybe that's a start. There are so many shades of grey out there, so it's easy to stereotype, easy to judge and therefore easy to hate. I'm no angel, I feel this hate often. But we have to realize that something has to be done about it...even if it's something small. I grew up in a country which had a civil war for 18 years (due to racial issues). One particular
  3. Zamarano does have a point. Life is unpredictable, any moment of the day I, or someone I loved could fall down the stairs and have a spinal cord injury. Given, that's a dramatic example, and yes - everyone who has acne is entitled to complain and vent. I know how bloody awkward and painful it was for me to go into class with extremely prominent zits on my face whilst everyone else looks like they could have stepped off the cover of Vogue, but I didn't miss a single day of my classes because of t
  4. Just like everyone else says - this is a period that you will have to go through. It's worth it though. I waved adios to my acne a few months ago, because I stuck with the regimen. Now I only apply the gel once a day. What kind of moisturizer are you using at the moment?
  5. I don't know if it happens often to me, because truthfully, I've got my mind somewhere else right now. But about 2 or 3 days ago, I think some people were looking at me, and I immediately looked down to see if my fly was open. Long story short: only way to be pretty sure is to ask 'em. For the record: My fly was NOT open.