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  1. Great product for night treatments but expensive

    The only 2.5% BP product I could find Glides easily on the skin Expensive Leaves white spots on the skin when using too much This is the product I used to try the Regimen before ordering products from acne.org. It is the only 2.5% BP I could find where I live (Quebec, Canada). It worked great and my skin reacted well. From what I have seen, it is only available in very small bottles (25 mL) at $8 per bottle. I had to use about 1 bottle and a half per week since I needed it for my face, neck, chest and back, so it became pretty expensive. The texture is nice and it glides easily on the skin, but if you apply too much, there will be white spots on your skin, so it's a great product for the night, but not so great if you have to leave the house shortly after applying the product. For that reason, it is probably better to use as a spot-treatment than as an all-over treatment.