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  1. If this thing does have the same efficacy as accutane then i think it will become known before it is officially launched.
  2. THese people of the pharmaceutical industry dont give a damn if we have acne the only thing they care is how to make the maximum profit from our illness.
  3. Guys if we are pretty sure whats the medicine then we should try it.
  4. INTRODUCTION The effects of hormones in acne are most notable in women. Androgens such as dihydrotestosterone (DHT) and testosterone, the adrenal precursor dehydroepiandrosterone sulfate (DHEAS), estrogen, and other hormones, including growth hormone or insulin-like growth factors (IGFs), may each be important. It is likely that the hormones affecting the sebaceous gland are both taken up from the serum in addition to being made locally within the gland. Hormonal therapy is an option in women w
  5. When you plan to drink you should stop taking accutane at least one day prior and one day after drinking.Drinking and taking accutane at the same time not only reduces the absorbtion of the medicine but causes extra stress to the liver that could elevate liver enzymes and blood lipids.
  6. One of accutanes side effects is oversweating...and also accutane reduces the oil from the oil glands not the sweat glands.
  7. I ve heard of bone damage and deformation also but not 100% sure.
  8. Extra protein causes stress to liver and kidneys also but normal amounts of protein is actually good for you.The problem is that many protein powder manufacturers include other substances as well in their products such as vitamins and other substances that can cause extra stress to the organs.
  9. Usual doses are 20mg and 40 mg capsules but as isotretinoin is fat soluble its stored into fat in your body and is not excreted easily so you can take one capsule every 3 days for example.
  10. Accutane as all other retinoids increases the rate that skin cells mature so they shed off more quickly and skin becomes thinner.That causes comedomes to be excreted.
  11. I cant find it on skinbiology.com.Only super cop cream exists not super cop 2x!!have they stopped producing it??
  12. kady75 for how long did tou take topiramate?also when did you started noticing that your hair was falling?
  13. thats not a very thorough or informative explanation. this whole thread is either misinforming or uninforming. it just makes me want to take it to my doctor and get his explanation. if this were true then there would be no way to ever get rid of scars. we wouldnt see amazing results and i have seen amazing results on patients who have had their scars treated. if scar cells kept reproducing and that were an absolute they would just keep coming back and that would be that and treatment would be po
  14. The skin cells that we can all see and touch on our face are dead cells full of keratin.The alive cells are located underneath those layers of dead cells. If the inflammation causes much damage to the alive cells then the scar is difficult to get rid off and can stay there forever
  15. They are not clots.When inflammation occurs the enlargement of the blood vessels is an essential step in order for the infllammtion to subside.When the inflammation finally subsides the enlarged blood vessels is what stays back and takes time to become normal again until collagen starts to form.
  16. Basically they are blood vessels that have got enlarged by the inflammation which occured.As the time passes the building of collagen causes these enlarged blood vessels to get normal size so normally redness disappears although there are people who have these red marks for years.
  17. Faye answered to j.l.r.m i guess.
  18. You should use some exfoliant(AHAs or BHAs) at the same time.Exfol serum from skin biology is a good choice which doesnt irritate your skin too much.Use copper peptides at night and exfol cream/lotion at day.
  19. Yes it does help moisturise your skin,its a hydrating cream after all.its the optimal moisturiser for acne sufferers as its not greasy at all and i think it contains some AHAs that help exfoliate a bit although that is not its main purpose.
  20. Yeah differin does not react with uv radiation(contained in light) unlike other retinoids like tretinoin or isotretinoin which will react with light.