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  1. It's strange reading that your face is at its worst in the morning, because I know myself -- and many other with conditions involving facial redness -- look better in the morning. I wonder if your problem involves circulation. When I hear you talk about different environments and the difference in skin tone standing and sitting that comes to mind. Have you tried working out more often? Drinking more water (8 glasses a day)?
  2. Before going outside to mow my lawn I put on some sunscreen, something I would rarely do in the past. It wasn't one designated for the face either (Coppertone Sport SPF 50 -- Ultra Sweat Proof). I would never have used it on my face but I didn't have any other face lotion available. When I was in the bathroom putting it on, it made the skin on my face look terrible. But since I wasn't worried about my appearance mowing the lawn, I ignored it. Well, after I returned inside about half an hour la
  3. Update: I washed my face on Day 17 because I had a presentation to make for school. The way my classroom is set up, the front is under direct, bright light and I knew I couldn't be confident presenting with crap all over my face. When I washed, and shaved with a manual razor, what I was amazed with is how my face appeared a bit thinner. My condition may be a bit different from some of you because most of my skin appears rough, scaly and inflamed. When you observe it under a magnifying glass it
  4. You have to go to bed with a clean slate. If you're leaving Neosporin and moisturizer on your face for a significant amount of time it's bound to burn your skin. What you describe is an acne condition where your face became accustomed to everything you placed on it. If you think about it, Retin A is controlling the intensity of which your skin cells shed; just as your other medications are responsible for disinfecting your face. After discontinuing all treatments, you were left with nothing bu
  5. 200 mg of Zinc per day? Has anyone heard of someone with acne attempting to ingest this much zinc over a long period of time?
  6. I've followed the following regimen so far: -4 days without washing, then I washed with Purpose cleanser -5 days without washing, then I washed with Purpose cleanser -2 days without washing, then I just wiped a wet cotton ball over my face (this is my new preferred method) -Now, I'm going on 4 days without washing. It's obviously not the same as being under one continuous streak of not washing, but I have noticed the difference. For one, my skin is nearwhere as oily now (in day 4) as it wa
  7. Try to think about the no water/limited water regimen in these terms -- using Dan's regimen (washing/BP/moisturizer) as recommended may take MONTHS for results to come about. Check out the 'right state of mind' thread: http://www.acne.org/messageboard/state-min...rn-t117898.html. If people are willing to accept BP may take months to work, I don't believe it's unreasonable to suggest that a similar amount of time may be required when using no water/limited water regimen. The whole entire goal i
  8. I only wash my face with Papaya Likas Soap to get my makeup off and then if I'm not wearing it around the house I'll use the honey to wash over my face gently. I don't use all the stuff I listed on my face. I moisturizer with the vitamin e 5,000 oil and that's it. If I have a zit I'll spot treat it with BP, sea salt or a mask. I don't see that as too much. As you describe your regimen above it isn't too much. I know personally I'd be hesitant to use any kind of soap, or vitamin E oil
  9. Acnejean, I'm sorry if you have explained it before, there are 15 pages to shift through and I'm too lazy to check, but have you considered reducing your regimen? I'm looking at the first page and notice you have six different items you put on your face daily. I dont know how you spread it apart between night and day, but to me, that seems to be a lot. Have you tried, if only for a short while, just washing with a cleanser? You have to ask yourself at some point if acne keeps reoccurring, it m
  10. It's not risky at all. Browse through any of the forums devoted to this topic. If people quit, which everyone does at some point or another (unless you're adam or waterwater), you'll notice they complain of a 'dead skin mask.' If I missed someone quitting because their acne dramatically worsened i apologize, but I have yet to come across it. The problem with this regimen of not washing your face is it's IMPOSSIBLE to live a life while doing it. I've been on this site for a long time, at the
  11. I filled out their skin iD evaluation service and came up with the following products: - Foam Cleanser (2% SA) - Anti Acne Treatment (2.5% BP) - Hydrator/Moisturizer (2% SA) It can't be good applying BP and then SA immediately afterwards.
  12. Ha, this is the dilemma of not having much information on the regimen: who's to say whether this dead skin of yours will naturally flake off? If I were in your position, and this dead skin was unbearable, I'd lightly wash my face with a washcloth. Otherwise I guess you can continue onwards. If you've gone this long then it must not be that bad. Right? Yesterday I washed my face gently with a washcloth and warm water before going out. There was a lot of dead skin I had to remove, especially ar
  13. Several of the questions you've raised have yet to be answered because there doesn't seem to be anyone who has gone through with this regimen long enough to answer. And if they have, they no longer post here. That's what so interesting about everyone doing no water (or a variation of it) simultaneously. Hopefully over time we'll have some sort of idea what works and what doesn't. I can't imagine avoiding water after the skin is healed. I suppose it all goes to the idea of determining when you
  14. I was looking at my hand today, for some reason, and I noted something which relates to the issue of irritation and the length of time it may take for it to subside. I have an odd way of writing -- unlike everyone who only uses three fingers (thumb, pointer, middle) to write I use thumb, pointer, middle and ring finger. Throughout my years in school, extending into college, I had this small elevated bump that was slightly irritated. It was the result of pressing the writing utensil upon my rin
  15. I've never read of anyone on this website clearing themselves with an extensive regimen such as the one featured in your profile. Just think about it this way -- if all of those treatments aren't working (and they don't appear to be), then it's time to try something else. Am I wrong, or were you basically cleansing your face three times in the morning? In the evening it even seems worse, since you have six different items touching your face. In addition to minocycline and niacinamide. Person