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  1. Day 13 Well I had my first drinks on tane. Went to a party had about 3 beers and then shared a joint. I don't feel better or worse from it, but definitely got pretty dehydrated. For the first time I had pealing on my lips. I think it was a mix of the drinking, the freakishly cold weather that has hit the East Coast and of course the accutane. So far I have not felt any joint pain or headaches. Some general dryness, but not especially uncomfortable or irritating. With the way the weather has be
  2. Why would you want an IB? A lot of people notice their acne lessen from the start.
  3. I have mild acne, but as someone who will hit 30 in less then 2 years I thought it was time to get rid of it for good. Granted I always have atleast 2 blemishes and they are always small cysts, which means they sit there for a good 2 weeks. Also, my skin is only his good because of a very strict regimen of bp and tazorac which left my face in a constant state of extreme dryness. That all being said it still took a lot of reflection before I decided to go on such a strong medicine. You don't ha
  4. Don't be offended, but why would you take a chance with laser hair removal while on this stuff? Sometimes I feel like I am taking crazy pills instead of accutane, because so many people have tried tanning, facials and assorted lasers while on this stuff. Of course your electrolosist want you to do it, its her job. You live in Massachusetts and it's January. I just don't get it.
  5. Well if it is menopause, at least you know you won't get pregnant.
  6. Thank MAFK. I plan on having the occasional night out, I just won't go on a total bender. It really doesn't worry me. I'm 28 and have been drinking since I was 15, so 5 months isn't going to be the death of me. Day 9 Dry lips, not uncharacteristic for this time of year. Other then that I am feeling completely normal. The small cyst on my chin has vanish leaving a small mark. Two pores on the side of my face emptied out a little solid white puss. I wouldn't even call these whiteheads, because t
  7. God luck with your course. I would stop using products if I were you. Just wash your face with water twice a day and let the drugs do their thing. I've seen so many posts about facials, bp and exfoliating during the accutane course. I think we are so conditioned to battling the acne from the outside that it is hard for some of us to just let go. Realize that are skin is actually less oily and clogged then the average person for the term of the course.
  8. Day 8: Night My skin was a little oily today. Not as bad as it was before I started, but since the 2nd day my skin had been bone dry.
  9. I am on day 8 and haven't had a single ache. I was once on accutane for about 6 weeks and didn't experience pains during that stint either. With this in mind, I haven't slowed my workout schedule at all. If you get too sore then slow down. I think your body will tell you what you can handle.
  10. Thanks for the support guys. I will probably have the occasional beer over the next 5 months. I would usually drink a couple beers during the week, but now I am just saving my liver for special occasions. Day 8 When I woke up a pore on my chin had a small clump of hardened white stuff on top of it. This is the second time this has happened in the last couple days. My pores are probably just clearing themselves out. Side effects: Face has zero oil, but I wouldn't say its dry. I was using s
  11. I'm a 28 year old male that has been through just about every acne medication known to man. I've had mild acne since about the age of 16. (BP,AHA,SA,Mino,retin-a,ram,taz,proactive) I started posting on acne.org in college. At that time I used regimen in the Acne Cure Book and then eventually moved on to high dosing b5. The b5 worked pretty well, eventually I dropped it, because my stomach never felt quite right. Move on to 2005... I still had mild persistent acne and found a derm that would pre
  12. Sophiena, Thanks for keeping this up so regularly. We have similar mild acne with cysts and I am starting Tane on Dec. 31st. I went on it once before but had no insurance and had to quit after a month. Just like you, my acne stopped dead in its tracks. I had clear skin for about 8 months, never got bacne again, and it got rid of the cysts I get on my cheeks permanently. So I know a full regimen will probably do wonders. Don't listen to all the people who argue that your skin is already nice,
  13. Cleansers kind of scare me cause I already feel dry and trust me accutane will cleanse every pore anyway. I use burt bees lettuce soap cause it moisturizes so well.
  14. This is why i am not a fan of the regimen. There is no end in sight and its not like bp is great for your skin (look how it bleaches clothes). I've been on tane for 6 weeks and haven't had a zit in 2 weeks. Sure my case was mild but persistant so i think it was worth it. I can't live my life having to put some anti bacterial cream on my face all day.
  15. I'm sorry to hear it doesn't work. Maybe you need a higher dosage. Accutane is a strange thing, for some people it stops acne dead in its tracks, others it takes time and some it doesn't help at all. Luckily I am the former, after 5 weeks I haven't had a pimple for 10 days! I had mild persistant acne but even I had no idea it would work this fast, here's to hoping it lasts forever.