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  1. Calabi: Thanks for the nice comments! Fred Q: Thanks, yeah I am really looking forward to the end of month three, hopefully by then I won't be breaking out at all and just continue to heal old marks, I can only hope! Yeah, Kid Cudi is awesome. A lot of good material was on his mixtape, "a kid named cudi", check that out if you haven't heard it already. Anyway, just figured I'd update, no real new breakouts, I had two smaller pimples on my forehead come up but they are already fading fast. It's
  2. kidd cudii is the sh** lol :>

  3. DAY 59 Hey everyone, it's been a little while since my last update. Basically I type on the computer ALL day at work so usually the last thing I want to do is come home and get on the computer and type up an update but since my start of MONTH 3 starts tomorrow I figured I'd drop in. I have still been checking out everyone's logs but just not posting at much. So I just got back from the derm, it was short and sweet as always, we talked about the possibility of going up to 80MG per day but I dec
  4. I would blame it on shaving with the cleanser not the jojoba, the cleanser is on your skin longer than it should be which may be overdrying and causing your skin to be irritated, the cleanser isn't formulated to help moisturize while shaving . I use Aveeno ultra calming shaving lotion with feverfew. Before shaving I wet my face and then rub jojoba in well on the neck and cheek area, let it sit in for a few moments and then put on the shaving lotion and shave my cheeks first and then the neck and
  5. I would just suggest washing twice per day.. when waking up for school and then 12 hours later, as he gets further along he will be come more dry and washing three times a day may become irritating and also just keep it simple. I would use the same face wash, cetaphil rather than changing back and forth and just let the accutane to do it's thing and also have him drinks lot and lots of water, he should be just fine.
  6. happy birthday! mine is coming up 5/29 - except I won't be acne free like you, hopefully I will look decent, I'm crossing my fingers! I would suggest waiting at least 6 months to year before deciding on any treatment for your marks. They should continue to fade with time but if it's still bothering you at that time, just ask your derm for suggestions. I'm sure there a multitude of procedures you can have. I was looking into that fraxel laser thing a couple months ago which seems pretty legit but
  7. sigh...def a lot harder being a lady and all. i went to my derm on may 8th (no need for referral cuz my insurance is awesome like that) and had to get a pregnancy test and said i had to wait another month at which point I would need to have a 2nd negative pregnancy test in order to get the prescription. in the meantime i am getting my bloodwork done june 3rd (5 days before my next appointment with the derm). Not to mention that once I get the prescription I have to go on a website and answer a b
  8. I also forgot to mention that like 90% of my blackheads on the sides of my nose have magically disappeared, I noticed them getting fewer and fewer over the last week or so, I never saw the blackheads as a problem before because they are so small and I only had them on my nose but it's so nice to see them disappearing! Update from yesterday.. the painful pimple on my upper lip is already drying/crusting up and should be gone within 1-2 days and then recurring cyst on my forehead has become less
  9. DAY 31 back aboard the accutrain! Went to the derm yesterday and despite my worries about my blood test coming back indicating signs I drank alcohol (drank twice so far) there was nothing! My triglycerides were a little higher but she said that was to be expected. Maybe I will eat more cheerios, isn't that supposed to lower cholesterol? I really I wish I had the courage to have taken pictures from my first big breakout last month and then the more recent one, but I didn't! I really was broken
  10. you're not even old enough to drink..
  11. DAY 31 allergies and back pain all day today, I finally know how Lebron James feels carrying the rest of the Cleveland Cavaliers on his back these last few years! My recent breakout is finally starting to clear up, however I got a couple new whiteheads, nothing major though. Pretty much feel like crap though, I took some medicine but it hasn't helped so far. I go back to the derm on Monday so I will post then!
  12. I was about to say the same thing BUT it will make you appreciate clear skin that much more once you have achieved it. Don't be surprised if you're more oily than usual the first 1-2 weeks, at least that is what I experienced. It's been almost a month for me and I have just started experiencing the real dryness and even now it's not too bad, nothing a little moisturizer can't handle. I hope your accutane experience is a smooth one!
  13. You might wanna just put some neosporin on that spot. I've messed with 2-3 spots since I started almost a month ago and the ones that I messed with I went ahead and applied neosporin, the gel kind not the cream and I think it helped with the healing process. If you are going to use it I would suggest you rub it in gently and completely, don't leave a glob make sure you rub it in. And like cherrycherryboomboom said, you always have makeup. Hope your mark heals fast! And good luck with the rest of
  14. time to come outta the cave and into the light.. just be sure to wear plenty of sunscreen!
  15. well thank you for your words of encouragement! yeah, I'm pretty sure I haven't taken any pictures of myself being out in quite a while.. but that will soon change hopefully. On another note, I changed my display name, I hated the other one I had and I thought it was about time for an upgrade! I'll force myself to take some pics on my derm visit day, things should be fairly decent by then and even if they're not I'll go ahead and take a few anyway.