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  1. I am taking it in its liquid form. I have been using it for 2 weeks now and I started to notice a change after about 4 days. The improvement is pretty noticeable - skin clarity, reduced oiliness and my pores are smaller too. I haven't seen anyone else on this forum mention it so I can only give my personal experience.
  2. I got some because it was recommended to me as a treatment for eczema, however it has helped little on my eczema but seems to be clearing up my acne. My acne is, I guess, what you would call 'mild' but it bothers me a lot none the less - I always wear make up. The Cell Food is a mineral suppliment that promotes oxygen in the body and there are some academic papers on the benefits. I am 23 so maybe my acne is going away slowly anyway but it does seem that it has suddenly improved since I star
  3. I am a mascara freak! I love Maybelline Great Lash mascara for the way you can build up lashes gradually. I have 2 - one that's almost used up to put a little bit on and separate the lashes out and then a new one. When first coat from the nearly used up one has dried I do 3/4 coats of the new one. When I go out I put even more coats on and it never clumps Also I am blonde and I love black mascara - I like it but maybe it looks trashy?
  4. Hey, I wondered if anyone else gets both acne and eczema. The eczema means that BP is a no no for me as are other topical treatments I have tried, like Zynert. I have just gone back on Oxytetracycline after a year's gap. All these treatments definately help but after 2/3 weeks on anything that I put on my face it is so sore I have to stop them and moisturise intensively. Even with moisturising when I use BP it is still too irritating. Any ideas would be great - eczema with acne sucks - you