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  1. Dear Dan and all other members, I strongly advise you to remove the part in your regimen that says that diet does not have any effect on ance - because it does. It was even proved, a research was published recently. The research said that people living in non-Western world, people who never eat the same things we do, have no acne at all. I myself did an experiment. When I was on a heavy diet (I lost more then 30 pounds), I tried not to eat things like french fries, hamburgers, bread, milk, c
  2. Sure, pal, whatever if you say so. But I am sure those Vitamin helped and continue to help me a lot. You're suggesting that if I stop using them, nothing will change? Well, I don't think so, and I don't have enough time in my life to try it out. Regards, A.
  3. The only reasonable theories I came up with are: 1. The enviornment - in Germany, air is much clearer and pollution is mostly pretty low 2. Sexual activity - for those 20 days, I didn't masturbate nor did I have sex. The rest just doesn't add up. MP
  4. Well, Vitamin B worked for me. Also, can ANYONE explain the part I posted about my two weeks in Germany with a PERFECT face without any treatment, with lots of alcohol and stress, without regular sleep, with poor hygiene ect?? I really have NO idea what could have caused such dramatic an improvement. It was like the best face I have ever hard. And it does not make any damn sense at all. MP
  5. I will check that out for you... I'm using about three to four pills a day. I really am not sure which B vitamins are included, but I know there's some Vitamin H in it. It's recommended for hair & skin. I will inform you asap on exact grams and brand. MP
  6. Hello everyone, I would like to start by saying that I never used Dan's regime, simply because I couldn't get 2.5% BP in this part of Europe. However, I did make a regiment of my own, following Dan's pattern but with different creams/lotions. I have been fighting with acne for about 5 years now. I am 16. And rarely did I see any improvement. I consider my acnes moderate to severe. During my years of struggle with ance, i noticed many interesting things. for example, last year I was 2 weeks i