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  1. Hmm, that is kind of worrying. Maybe he didn't read that? Or maybe the research he's read says it doesn't matter? Anyway, I didn't have any problems with my course, so hopefully it's okay.
  2. This is actually how my derm recommended I take my dose -- two 40 mg pills together, every night with dinner. So I don't think you'll have any problems with it. This may not be related, but I also noticed that I tended to look flushed less during the daytime as a result of taking both pills at night. Could just be a coincidence though.
  3. I'm not too sure about scrubs, as I haven't had a lot of success with them. A lot of them seem to irritate my skin rather than helping. But if your skin is really oily and tough, a scrub might we worth a shot. I'm kind of an expert on comedone extractors, and I would definitely recommend one particular brand and type: a Miltex Schamberg Comedone Extractor. If you google that, you should find a bunch of places to buy one. Miltex is the brand and Schamberg is the type. It is a little expensi
  4. Followup: 41 Days after Last Dose I can't believe it's been a month and a half since I last posted! Sorry about that. I do find myself coming back here less now that I have fewer skin problems. I will try to keep checking back in case anyone has questions, but if anybody needs anything, PM me. My skin is still looking pretty good. I wouldn't say perfect by any means though. I'm having some problems with ingrown hairs, which I noticed after I finished my second course also. I had a pretty
  5. Congrats, I just took my last pills on Friday. I'm not even meeting with my derm until a few months from now. He said to just use moisturizer for the next few months, because my skin will still be very sensitive. Apparently Accutane keeps working for a month or so after you take the last pill.
  6. Thanks for the encouragement, Piphi. Are you doing Accutane? If so, I hope it's going well for you. Days 147-156 (End) I took my last dose of Accutane on Friday, 11/9/07. Oddly enough, during the last week and a half of Accutane, I had a bit of a breakout -- my first real acne in a few months. Not a huge deal, I just thought the timing was odd. However, it could be because I've been travelling and celebrating a bunch recently, which probably hasn't been very healthy since I've been drinki
  7. For me, the first course knocked out basically all cystic acne. I never had any after that. My second and third courses were both for non-inflamed acne. I'd say I stayed pretty clear for around 2-3 years after each course, and then the acne would come back. For non-inflamed acne, I'm not very hopeful that Accutane is a true cure. I only did it because I had so much non-inflamed acne that I didn't see any other way to get clear. Now that Accutane has given me a clean slate, I'm hoping to ma
  8. Try using a heavier moisturizer. I use Aveeno Daily Moisturizing Lotion, which works well and really seems to trap water in your skin. Another thing to try is to put the lotion on immediately after you get out of the shower. That way, you can trap as much moisture in as possible.
  9. I'm about to finish my third course. Did the first when I was 19, the second when I was 25, and now this one at 31. I've definitely had worse side effects this time, but they're still manageable.
  10. Days 127-146 Been a while since I checked in. Again, nothing much has changed at all. My skin is stable and still very clear. I still have a few blocked pores here and there, but they're so small I think I'm the only that can see them. I think I have roughly two weeks left, which is kind of crazy. I'm not sure what to do post-Accutane to keep this clear skin. Since I've read that a lot of people are really happy with Face Reality Skincare (located in San Francisco), I've emailed them to s
  11. Days 111-126 Had another blood test at the derm's office on Friday. Results came back, and they're still fine. I'm starting my last month of pills tonight, which is a weird feeling. I can't believe it's been that long. Pharmacy switched me back to Amnesteem for the last month, which I guess is fitting because that's what I started on. Skin is fine, and I still haven't had a breakout in a few months. It is incredible never having to worry about your skin. I find that I look at myself a lo
  12. This is very, very common, and I don't think there's anything you can do about it.
  13. Days 99-110 Well, not much is changing these days. I did make some stupid mistakes this weekend, where I tried to squeeze out stuff from a few pores that still look a bit irregular. Nothing came out, by my skin is so fragile that I ended up taking the top layer off. Not very smart, and I think I've learned my lesson. But my skin as a whole looks great, and I haven't had any active acne in maybe a month. Side effects are still manageable, but like I said last time, my joints and muscles are
  14. Days 84-98 I went to see my derm on Friday and got my blood drawn. He wants me to be on Tane for another two months, which is kind of disappointing because I thought I'd be done by mid-October. Now I'll be done in early November. His reasoning is that it'll decrease the chances of recurrence, which I don't know if I believe given other logs I've read, but since I figure this is the last time I'll take Tane, I'm going to go the whole way. At 80 mg/day, that's a ton of Tane though: 135 mg/kg!
  15. 200 is nothing. My triglycerides were at 190 before I even started Accutane! They've been as high as 393, and even then, my derm let me stay on Accutane, though if they went up to 500, I think he would've changed my dose or taken me off. So I wouldn't worry too much yet. I started taking about a teaspoon of fish oil every morning. I also try not to eat for the 12 hours before each test. It seems to be working fine -- my last test, I was back down to 220.