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  1. Th oilyness will gradually start to come back, but hopefully your pores will remin clear and as will your facial acne! What are you using for maintenance mate - a topical retanoid? Good luck and hoping all works out for you!
  2. Are you retarded and cannot comprehend the idea of splits? Monday-Push Day, mainly bench and some sub free weight stuff Tuesday-Cardio and Abs/core strength Day Weds-Legs, squats and other leg sub excerises Thurs-Cardio and Core strength/abs Fri-Push Day, Bumbell Press, Back, tri's and anything I may have missed on Monday. Apologies, misread the question slightly, but even still many people are doing 24/7 weight or weight gain training. As for being retarded, I think you know 'where
  3. Thanks for your replies people. Proverbial, thanks for your confidence boost too. I've been on many a strict diet i.e. those crappy 'acne no more' e-books and the BP Regimen helped but never cleared me. Here's hoping this wonderful drug lasts. I'll also consider taking it long-term in small doses if need be. Wouldn't ever hesitate to give it another full shot as of now either! Enigmatic_786 and Posh, thank you both for your comments and cheers Posh, hope you find happiness to bud and that all
  4. Hi all, Quick background: Acne since age of 17. I'm now a 23 year old male. It has always been mild-moderate, more moderate but EXTREMELY persistant and only on my face really. Been on 40mg Tane for 10 weeks now with absolutely fantastic results. Nearly clear, in fact I am really bar a couple of small red marks, great! Nobody in my immediate family has acne. My parents never did, my brother is 21 and he has it slightly, really mild and it's blatently his lifestyle if you ask me! The only per
  5. My initial breakout was horrid. I got like 1 spot after a month of Tane and I think i've had about 2 more since and now i'm on week 10. Horrid, horrid! Ha ha, hope it works out for you as well as it did for me mate!
  6. You're one of the 2-3% of unlucky ones then mate for who it doesn't do much for. Sucks.
  7. Why are some people weight training every day or 5 days consequetively? Have you no idea that in order to build muscle, prevent strain and pain and achieve your overall gain you need to have rest periods in between training. I train on a Mon, Wed, Fri and intense cardio on sun. Mainly benching weights, but I still rest. Doing this will prevent continuous aches. Of course I ache after I finish training on Tane, but even so, it would be far worse if I kept training day after day. Fish oil tablet
  8. It's different if you're a woman with long hair (or a bloke I suppose, like shoulder length), but if you're not and you shower each day, like all people blo*dy should, then it's a piece of pi*s to wash your hair (a 1 min job if that) so why not do it everyday. Sorry, but sounds like a stupid question mate that deserves a stupid answer. In that pic your hair looks short so do yourself a favour and wash it when you shower.
  9. I used it once a night along with Accutane for about 6 weeks as per the BP Regimen guidelines. I definately think it helped with the initial breakout (helped prevent it no doubt) and I didn't experience any overdrying or burning sensations. It was a great combo. However, unlike AmberLynn I cut it out for good on the 6th week as how on earth can you tell whether it's the BP OR ACCUTANE working when you use them both together - stupid idea! Try it for the first few weeks, once you get dry or are
  10. Thanks all, once every two days hair washing it is then. Will update soon. Thanks again and all the best. Greg
  11. Yeah thanks mate. And I am calm, just another factor of something that goes wrong to add to the list you know! I mean, if this can't be effectively controlled and I have to avoid wearing dark clothing i'll be well p*ssed off! Thanks.
  12. Hi all, Been on 40mg Tane a day for about 10 weeks now. I'm a male 23 years old with moderate acne. I've NEVER had dandruff before and wash my hair once daily at all times - most of the time twice. I've started getting dandruff and am very disheartened, a trade in for being 'nearly' free of acne no doubt. Has anyone else experienced this, a sudden onset of dandruff while on Accutane (if tane is actually responsible of course) and can they offer any advice please? Thanks Greg
  13. Of course it would my freind. Hence the role of Accutane which managed to reduce sebum production 9excess oil) and thus prevents pores fro clogging and P-acnes to develop. Moisturising is essential with Tane.
  14. did u have an inital breakout on 40mg a day? Im 9 weeks in and NO INITIAL BREAKOUT - So hopefully that means i'm in the 'Clear'. Although, UI did combine the BP Regimen with Tane for the first 4 weeks and that worked very well indeed and i'm guessing helped prevent a breakout. Niow, 5 further weeks down the line and i've come off the BP only a week ago and am hoping i'm not going to breakout as a result! Touch wood!
  15. Hi all, I went for my 2 month checkup last Tuesday (been on 40mg per day of Tane) and my derm said things were going well. My skin has cleared up loads and I feel fine bar the lips, joint ache etc. Trouble is, he said that I DIDNT need to take a Blood Test as everything seems OK. IS THIS RIGHT!!??? That means I won't have a blood test and checkup for another 6 weeks now. Cheers Greg