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  1. Hi, I have an appointment with an endocrinologist on friday and I really want to be prescribed Spiro. I had an appointment a few months ago with another endocrinologist and they refused to give me spiro, even though I had blood tests done that suggested my hormones are out of wack. The doctor said that Spiro is a dangerous drug and unless I looked like a man (seriously, this is what she said) then I won't be prescribed it. Apparently if I want to have children in the future they will have birth
  2. 10% glycolic serum at night 5% glycolic serum during the day I am blackhead free, but left with empty large pores on my nose. I can't complain.
  3. I still have slight redness and it's been about a month of using glycolic everyday. If it's too much, then cut back on the glycolic for a few days. If it starts stinging, a lot, wash it off right away. Wait two days. Start again.
  4. I was about to ask if she was from Face Reality Skincare in San Leandro, but I already read that she is. I haven't met her, but I goto that clinic. They have completely cleared up my acne and I am currently on that regimen. The only thing that has worked from my non-inflammed acne.
  5. bump I have had three treatments in the last few months. It has done absolutely nothing for my oily skin. It says that it should help stop skin from producing so much oil, but it's one of those possible effects. It doesn't mean it will happen. It does kill bacteria though and it got rid of all my acne. I just am stuck with horribly oily skin, and I honestly don't know what's worse. Both embarrassing.
  6. That sounds really painful. Did the ALA sting a lot? I've heard the micro dremabrasion prior helps to make the PDT work a lot better. Just sounds like a longer recovery time.
  7. I am using the glycolic toner. I'm not sure how well it exfoliates my skin, it mainly just makes my skin feel really clean and gets that residue left from the cleanser. I really like it. I use thin layer of 10% glycolic serum afterwards. I know that exfoliates because my skin is super soft and clear now. So it's been a few weeks and my skin is absolutely the clearest it's ever been. I can't wait for my next treatment/facial. I can't believe how much of a difference it's been just from dropping
  8. Steve, How were you able to stay under the light for a full hour? The nurse that does the treatments for me says 15 mins is the max. I have pretty tough skin I think and I made it to 15 but I could slightly feel the burning/tingling sensations from the light. Anyways, I have had two treatments, one more in a week and I'm done. If anyone here has Kaiser as their medical provider I suggest asking your derm about PDT. Since she referred me, I got three treatments for free. I didn't have to pay
  9. Hi, I just wanted to tell you that I was reading your posts a few weeks ago and went to that link for face reality skincare. Well, I live in the East Bay as well so I decided to make an appointment with that clinic. So I had my first treatment this week and it was great. My skin looked amazing afterwards. They told me tons of information about acne products that I had no clue about. I was mostly going by what my dermatologist told me to do and was receiving some results but I still had tons of c
  10. Everyone is different, so try different approaches, try spreading it out more through the day for example 5x a day with less tablets. Some people find 10grams to be the magic amount, some less, just experiment a bit and see how it goes. If you still have stomach problems, lay off it for a bit and get back to normal first and then have a think. A little is usual just at first, but don't let it continue.
  11. I just started taking b5 yesterday and my stomach feels horrible. Taking the pills with each meal hasn't helped either. I took 5 grams yesterday and got to about 3 grams today. By then, I felt like I had the stomach flu or something. It wasn't worth it. Is there anything I can do to prevent that happening? If I take say 2 or 3 grams a day would it be less abrasive on my stomach or is there no point in taking not a 5-10 gram amount each day?
  12. Today I had my second ALA treatment. The first one I had was a breeze. I finally got to see a dermatologist this year and she put me on bactrim. After a few months on Bactrim I was really clearing up. All the cystic acne around my chin area had disappeared. I still had some inflammation however and clogged pores. I was hoping that ALA treatments would help with clearing me up even more. The first treatment was good. I didn't feel any pain. The rubbing of your face with acetone isn't great. It d
  13. The same thing happened to my skin when I used the PC BHA 2% liquid. I had to eventually stop using it because it never got better. My pores turned hard and it became nearly impossible to get a blackhead out. I went to my ethescian and she could hardly do anything. It seemed like it mostly just made my skin worse. It made my skin more oily too. My face was a mess on this stuff. I went back to using AHA's instead and my skin is so much better. I have purging with AHA products, but at least they a
  14. Thank you for your help. I'm going to do buy the green cream, 2%bha, and the paula's choice cleanser. I might wait before I start using the green cream, but I'll definitely start using the bha gel right away. I want to wear it during the day so I think the gel would be better for me. Thanks again!
  15. I need help trying to figure out a regimen with the products mentioned in this post. I want to completely change what I am doing now and start off with a new everything. My skin is very oily and I only breakout in my T-zone. My cheeks and most of my forehead are almost always clear. My old regimen was using a gentle face wash (Jason something was the name) and then alpha hydrox enhanced cream (10% aha). AHA's respond pretty well to my skin. I purge for a few weeks then stay mostly clear but my